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My metal pipe doesn't get me high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcgrathrips, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. alright so have this little metal pipe that no matter how much i smoke, it just doesn't get me high. i'm kinda new to smoking so im trying to figure out why this is.

    (i do have a bubbler which i get ripped off of, and i always smoke my cousins glass pipe and it gets me stoned)

    so why does this happen? Any thoughts will do as to why

    Thanks guys happy toking :bongin::smoke:
  2. theres no reason for a metal pipe to not get you high
    keep trying
  3. Maybe it's smaller and not forcing you to inhale? I've never heard of a piece preventing someone from getting high.
  4. Sounds more like a tolerance issue to me if you're not lying.

    But seriously, it's not like metal absorbs THC or anything. Thats a ridiculous assumption you're making OP
  5. I could be wrong but i think you can probably develop a sort of tolerance for the piece your using. All i know is i ripped my bong almost every night this summer, got bored of that and wasnt getting high that fast, so i rolled a loose ass joint with much less weed, but it still got me high cuz it was a new method of smoking. change it up my man
  6. well i dont mean to sound dumb, but it just seems that i dont even get a buzz. and my tolerance isnt that high i know that for a fact, i smoke like once or twice a week. i've tried everything you can think of.

  7. thing is i almost never smoke this piece, i havent since i got my bubbler like a month or two ago. and before i had my bubbler i rarely smoked. but thanks for your input :smoke:
  8. I recommend you throw it away and start over.

  9. yea i'll just buy a new spoon, but i'll keep the pipe for a little nostalgia sake i guess haha
  10. r u sure ur smoking cannabis? lol like many have said, there's no reason for a metal pipe to not get u high as long as ur inhaling the smoke u draw thru the pipe

  11. yea im sure lol. idk man i feel retarded but it just seems like its not doing it for me.

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