My Messed up drawing while im high

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ideal, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Tell me what you think .... lol
  2. haha stop posting this shit buddy :D (j/k) i love it... keep those creative juices flowing... heres one that i did a while back like 3 years ago i think.. just got it scanned a couple weeks ago tho

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  3. sorry bout it looken all crapy but it looks a lot better matted...

  4. dude thats great, lol
  5. lmao, that picture is awesome man.. really funny in a strange way..
  6. all those lines look like a cat in the midle there...
  7. heh ya liked it??aight well heres a doodle i did a little while back

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  8. Then i incorporated it into a painting too but i really didnt like the way it turned out at all

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  9. thats fking awesome man, and all those lines are a cat man, lol
  10. wish i had a scanner still......

    i got some ok art work all over the place, and some graffity art....

    creative work...... keep tokeing, and drawing mate...
  11. I know i spelled it wrong, bah!

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  12. man, i would like to battle u man............ nice skill writeing...
  13. If you know anything about the "big names" in graffiti. You can see my style is highly inspired by Cantwo.

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  14. This is the first time I have tried a style like this. I now have a few more like this, they look alot better. When i get around to pluggin in my digital camera I will post more..

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  15. u from POD..........

    i been writeing for 10 years now.... im from ....Kills 4 Thrills....

    my skills are aight.... just been a while since i sat down, or buy a peace book... but after a few try, my rusty risk will be back on action.. i think i will go buy a scanner on saterday.....

    u got any charetors..
  16. one more thing.. are u a female...?..
  17. I am from Chicago. POD is a inside joke with some friends. I am male. I mostly draw while im in school, alot of good shit ends on the back of papers I have to turn in...

    I have no real characters, just doodles, which I have lost over time.
  18. theres a POD crew in cali.... they got some skills...
  19. Bad ass art guys

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