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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by xb1player, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. I just recently enlisted into the US Military, i am going to keep my branch, name, location anonymous for my safety and so no one knows who i really am, below i will explain the processes, what to expect, how its done, the limits where the military drug test for certain drugs, and an overall story of my experience starting from my first time smoking to today.

    So you want to join the military? Awesome, its a great option for many men and women. But for the men and women like myself who constantly uses marijuana, or even just smoked a little here and there, the MEPS drug test can be one of your biggest fears when it comes to processing with the military. I started smoking around summer of 2013, during that summer, i would smoke here and there with buddies and friends of mine. It wasn't until 2015,2016, and 2017, when i started to HEAVILY smoke marijuana, eat edibles, vape THC, and do dabs, a lot.. At the beginning of 2017, i still smoked marijuana, around a couple of ounces per month, if that, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. At the same time i was smoking the flower, i would be dabbing heavy, anywhere from a 1g dab, to a 4g dab. Along with doing dabs and smoking the flower, i would be vaping on THC distillate, which had THC percentages anywhere from 80%-98% THC... It wasn't until May 2017 until i seriously thought about the military, and still i was still smoking the flower, and doing dabs just as much as i normally would. The last day i consumed any THC product was June 14th, 2017, and i dabbed A LOT with some friends of mine.

    Now that you know my smoking history, i'm going to give you guys/gals some advice that really benefited my cleansing process and may be able to help yours as well. When i went to my recruiter, i told him all about my smoking, but i wasn't 100% truthful with him.. but i needed to join the military ASAP.. i told my recruiter that i wasn't too sure about the military and id like to take the ASVAB to see where i stand, what jobs i could potentially qualify for and what not. This is what i'm getting at, TAKE YOUR ASVAB FIRST, get to know where you stand, see what you qualify for, and then go from there. After and even before taking my ASVAB, i was drinking nothing but water and working out, running, and sweating as much as possible, as well as eating as healthy as i possibly could to speed up my cleansing process. So after taking my ASVAB, and waiting about a week or two, i called my recruiter and scheduled a meeting with him for the following day. I told him i'm 100% about the military now and that i'm ready to go to MEPS. I was fortunate enough to get a MEPS day 1 month from the day that i talked to my recruiter, so i pretty much had 30 days to make sure i was 100% clean. Going back, i told you all that the last day i smoked was June 14th, and my MEPS was scheduled for September 9th. Some people might not have the benefits like i did and their recruiter might want to take them to MEPS the next day or even week. In that case, tell your recruiter you will FAIL the drug test and ask for more time.. The recruiters job is to make sure you get into the military, everyone at MEPS job, is to make sure you DON'T..

    If you are serious about joining the military, then you should start getting clean yesterday, meaning you should be doing it as soon as possible, all day, every day. Drink nothing but water, don't eat fatty food (THC stores itself in your fat).. Now i'm pretty fortunate, im 6'0", 145lbs, and i have an extremely fast metabolism. I knew i could do this, but you only have one shot, if you fail the MEPS drug test, YOU ARE DONE, forever. You wont be able to enlist in any branch in the US Military, and you're pretty much screwed after that. SO make sure you're sweating, and burning as much fat as possible.

    During the extra month i had to get clean, i was constantly testing myself with at home drug tests, keep in mind, a faint line, means NEGATIVE, which means, YOU'RE GOOD HOMIE!.. I sadly failed my first two drug tests, which means that the THC was still in my system, so i put it into hyper-drive, i did everything what i was doing, but doubled it. I drank a gallon or so of water each day, sweat so much, worked out so much, and ran so much. I decided to test myself again, at this point i had 3 weeks till my MEPS, and i passed my drug tests, i was so relieved but i knew that i still needed to be persistent with my cleansing because the military drug tests test for very specific amounts of everything, so even though i was passing my at home drug tests, i could have failed the MEPS drug test.

    The military drug tests for Marijuana have a screening level of 50 Nanograms per milliliter and a Confirmation level of 15 Nanograms per milliliter.. So now the morning of MEPS... I wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be, i brought a cleaning drink with me, put it in a Gatorade bottle to kinda be sneaky about it, and chugged it right before i entered.. The drink contained the following..
    Sodium (120mg)
    Vitamin A (1500IU)
    Vitamin D (120IU)
    Thiamin (0.5mg)
    Riboflavin (0.5mg)
    Niacin (6mg)
    Vitamin B6 (0.6mg)
    Folate (120mcg)
    Vitamin B12 (1.8mcg)
    Biotin (90mcg)
    Pantothenic Acid (3mg)
    Calcium (120mg)
    Magnesium (48mg)
    Zinc (4.5mg)
    Selenium (21mcg)
    Manganese (0.6mg)
    Chromium (36mg)
    Fruit Pectin (107mg)
    Creatine Mono-hydrate (625mg)

    I will include a photo of the cleaning drink in this thread. After i drank that as fast as i could.. i also had 54 ounces of water with me, and i drank the whole thing twice before throwing it out (refilled it at meps after finishing it the first time)..

    During my piss test, i was fortunate because the instructor was too busy flirting with a female co worker of his so i caught my piss sample mid stream.. Filled it up to the line, and handed it to him. Some extra tips are, DON'T WORK OUT THE DAY'S BEFORE MEPS AND ESPECIALLY THE DAY OF MEPS.. this will burn off some fat, hence burning the THC into your bladder and you might pop your drug test if you do so..

    All in all.. My MEPS experience was positive because you have to make it positive.. Keep it cool, keep your head low, don't talk to anyone, don't be a jackass, and don't try and be a cool guy and be all like "man id kill to smoke a blunt right about know).. cause believe it or not, some people will snitch on you, or an officer could hear you and kick you out..

    Sorry for the length of this thread, after stressing for a long time if i passed my test or not, and after reading so many threads on so many websites, i wanted to have as much information as possible as i could in this so anyone who has experienced what i did and what so many people experience a clear mind and a sense of closure. Do what you have to do, follow my advice, drink nothing but water, sweat everything out, and you will be fine.

    But you let you all know... I PASSED!!!! I'll be going to basic training in a couple of months and i can't wait!!
    if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and ill answer all of them to the best of my ability, thanks so much everyone, i hope i helped!

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  2. That's awesome, I failed my first test going in circa 2006... my recruiter wasn't happy lol.

    One thing though: You should NOT stop eating fats, this will cause the body to stop using fat as energy and you will not be able to get rid of the thc already stored. If anything eat LOTS of (healthy) fats in order to start burning stored fat. It worked for you though, a month is plenty time for most without doing anything to get it out of your system.

    2: testing IN the military is a way different story, so if you ever need help with that pm me, I can show you the ropes lol.
  3. The military is a great option because over time, the people who run and own America have reduced options for employment. It's taken them a while, decades really, and if you grow up in it, you'll never know that things weren't always this way.
  4. So I can take drinks with me to meps?
  5. You'll be surprised once your in a lot of military members do drugs.
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