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My Melty Hash Stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by xyz123, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hello, this is my stash....of hash. minus a couple grams of bubble and 3 grams of shatter oil. its all og full melt. about 50 grams or so pictured. Im ready for summer time
  2. Nom Nom Nom ! Looks great !
  3. Hot damn looks like some tasty bubble. OG Kush, how'd you know one of my favorites?
  4. thanks guys, it is tasty indeed, and super stoney. there is some straight greasy stuff. pretty sure its the white bags and the yellow bags. good bubble
  5. Lookin good man. :smoking:
  6. all of that is beautiful
  7. enjoy, and keep it up mane
  8. That looks like 2 ounces of coco puffs haha, u should put som in a bowl and eat it with a spoon, most expensive coco puffs you'll ever eat
  9. that is one yummy looking stash, good sir.
  10. why thank you, wanna trade for some of your oil?:smoking:
  11. Say hello to tolerance haha, once you go back to buds even the dankest flowers won't do ish. Nice stash, hows the taste classic earthy, piney, lemony og?
  12. That's quite a selection you have there. That looks delish. Do you live in SLO still? I just moved up here from San Diego.
  13. damn. how do you smoke your concentrates?
  14. Well, I don't know what to say except THATS A FUCK TON OF HASH :eek:
  15. haha i said that about a year ago when i moved to humboldt haha, ive always been a big big fan of concentrates. yeah you pretty much nailed it on the taste.

    thanks man it is. thats my hometown. im up in humboldt for school. done with my first year here this thursday. then im taking all this down to slo to have a hell of a time
    mostly a dome and nail, or a hash bowl with glow wand. or just joints blunts bowls. my new circ bub/dome is the best hit
  16. Hey I'm thinking of going up there aswell for college, is it easy to get into and by the looks of it there's bud every where. Is it cool being by the forests or would u rather be more in the city
  17. Nice stash!! +rep, looks nice, hows it smokin?
  18. its smokin good. still got quite a bit left. cant smoke it before finals though. makes me forget shit

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