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my medical story

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 87rx7chick, May 27, 2009.

  1. alright this is my medical story... i havent really thought threw what i am about to type out so here we go :)

    when i was 15 i started getting very sick. dissy, confused, alot of stomach problems. it grew into an unknown illness leaving me home bound, i could barly sit threw 1 hour sessions with my home school teacher. i had to be home schooled because i could not be in class under florecent lights as it agrovated my eyes and for what ever reason would give me a huuge drop in blood pressure. (i know now its from a nerological reaction to the flicker of florecents)

    for almost 2 years i was isolated from my friends, barly leavingg the house ever in fear that i would have a blood pressure drop and an adrenilen attack as a result, leaving me nausiated and confused and almost identical to a panic attack. as a result of being isolated i had depression and as a result of depression i had alot of stomach issues, it hurt to eat anything, and i never felt like eating ever.

    i lost alot of weight and was 5'4 and 92lb. my blood pressure would drop as low as 42/?

    i did not have an apitite and my spirit was dim.

    as i did before i got sick, i bought an 1/8 of weed and smoked in my room when my mom was sleeping, mind you i had not smoked since i started getting sick, i got it down to a science to limit the smell. 3.5 grams would last me about 3-4 months as i didnt have the money to spend and i didnt have the means of going to get what i needed.

    my body weight improved as my hunger came back each time i smoked, my mind also became better as the high was uplifting. i gained more weight to 105 and i started being able to go out and see my friends for small bits of time.

    2.5 years later i finally found the doctor i needed to, soon after we found the true identity of my illness, dysautonomia. autonomic nerve system, it does not work 100%, mine infact is still only workingn at 80%
    i still sway back and forth from different deficientcies from not being able to absorb 100% of what i eat, since my stomach doesnt fully function. headaches, dissy, confused, but thats only 10% of my day now. i believe that i have weed to thank that really pulled me threw the worst of times. if i didnt have that idk what would have happend as i know i wouldnt have been eating, and my problems would have gotten worce before i found the doctor to help me.

    i hope my story is uplifting to those of you. though i have no real proof other then i am still alive and doingn GREAT. finaly on SSI (disability) bennifits after 3 years of fighting. i am a healthy weight and i am able to work 20 hours a week with out calling in now. all thanx to that special something that pulled me threw it all
  2. Sweetie, I'm no doctor, but I do collect MMJ studies. I think you NEED to learn about the endocannabinoid system. Dr. Russo has a long, but informative article on it.

    Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

    What I think is happening, is you have lack of the proper endocannabinoids (stuff your body makes that is very similar to THC). Endocannabiods are NECESSARY for many bodily functions and if you are low, all kinds of nasty stuff happens- migraines, stomach problems and possibly even MS! Cannabinoids (like from cannabis) besides just giving you the munchies, can slow the progression of food through the gut, so you can absorb more of the nutrients.

    Read the article! There are more similar articles in the links below.

    Granny :wave:

  3. wow that is intence.

    i did a study at baylor university hospital on my body to mesure my skins reaction, sweat production and heart rate threw some breathing stress tests, it was the test that said i was at 80%
    i will definantly read that artical, though, idk if mj fixed my problems durring smoking sessions as i still woke up at night very sick.

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