My Medical Garden - Kosher Kush / Chemmy Jones (4,000 Watts)

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  1. Welcome! :smoke:

    Room: Veg - 10.5 x 10 x 8
    Flower - 15.5 x `10 x 8

    Lighting: Veg - 1,000 Watts per 12 plants
    Flower - 1,000 Watts per 6 Plants
    - Hortilux HPS and MH
    - Radiant 6 Inch Hoods

    Ventilation: Veg - 1, 6'' (500 CFM) Inline per hood
    - 1, 6'' (500 CFM) Inline for room exhaust
    Flower - 1, 8" (900 CFM) Inline for 2 hoods
    - 1, 10" (1200 CFM) Inline for exhaust
    - 8,000 BTU Air conditioner feeding both rooms
    - 2 Wall fans in veg, 6 in flower

    Strains: Kosher Kush
    Chemmy Jones
    Buddha Tahoe OG
    OG #18

    Pictures of the veg room, I'll have pics of the flower later in the week...popping 12 seeds tonight in the rapid rooters as shown.

    Pretty nice electrical huh ;)

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  2. 100% Germination rate...5 Kosher - 4 Chemmy Jones - 1 Buddha Tahoe - 1 OG #18 - 1 Delahaze....

    Chemmy jones showed tap roots at T+ 17 Hours - Kosher Kush rooted in T+ 27 Hours (Thick tap roots too!!!)

    Room Temp - 74F plus the heating pad....Humidity in the dome at 90%....

    The year long wait to put everything together doesn't even compare the wait for my first ladies to show through the soil...what a crazy ride its been
  3. Think anyone can speed up my seeds a bit more?....daddy needs some love:smoke:

  4. Ok I will Bite , lets see what you can do with those watts!!

  5. Haha welcome brother! Just checked on em 30 minutes ago and one kosher has popped the soil!

    My wattage is split amongst my patients appropriately (36 plants total) and with more than adequate space, we're hoping for a solid yield of some fireeeee dank.
    We pick quality of over quantity any day around there though...

  6. Awesome , looking forward to this one.

    Quality > Quantity always for sure.

    Is this your first grow?

    Can we have some room pics?

    What nute system you running ?

    How big are your pots?

    What grow medium are you using?

  7. This is not first time with cannabis, but to this 'scale' yes.

    I use ProMix BX ammended with castings and chunky perlite in 5 gallon smart pots.

    For nutrients I use AN Sensi-grow and bloom, GreatWhite, some silica, Thrive-Alive, sensizym, and humic acid.

    As soon as I get batteries for my camera I'll have better pics up, phone quality isnt top notch..
  8. Ok very nice , sounds like a solid plan so far. Can't wait!!
  9. My girlfriend renamed the delahaze, it's now "derpy haze". The seedling was growing into a spiral within the "seed hole", lol, so i pulled it out and propped it up with some rapid rooter material...maybe it'll reach for the light.

    But in anticipation of derpy haze leaving this world I went ahead and popped 3 more seeds...Purple Haze from G13 Labs and Gigabud from G13 Labs as we all as White Widow from DNA. They'll most likely get cut to clones to be distributed to local dispensaries, but I'll most likely flower the widow..

    Added an 8'' intake fan (900 cfm) to balance the pressure in the room, we hit negative pressure and the mylar began to collapse in and temps were wacky...we've got KILLER ventilation now and are maintaining temps at 74 F consistently...40% humidity w/o the introduction of a humidifer to the veg room.

    First picture is of the seed tray from the front, Kosher Kush are the front 5...
    Second picture is of the chemmy jones, awesome - awesome strain.
    Third picture is of a sad kosher kush seedling :( (Any ideas?)

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  10. Maybe just a bad seed?
  11. Since that pic was taken she has revived herself..I do believe She got a fat drop of water of the dome on her cotyledon. They looked visibly saturated, but have since dried and she's doing better.

    Delahaze has also corrected herself...after brining the coiled stem above the surface I rested it on a piece of the rooter medium...she's standing damn near straight up now :D

    I'm just blown away by the speed of the chemmy jones...easily 400% more than the other 6 strains...quite impressive.

  12. I have rooted only one seed in a rapid rooter , how exactly do you do it , and do you have 100% success rate?
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    100% :cool:

    Start by adding 16 fluid ounces of ph balanced water to your tray and put it over the seedling heat mat. Set the dome on top and allow it to run for at least 6 hours to build a climate and warm up. Then just drop the seeds in (I wear latex gloves and never make skin contact with seeds..maybe overkill but better safe than sorry) and sacrifice one rooter to use as filler (Just pull tiny bits apart and gently fill the seed holes with it, I used a toothpick to pack it...).

    The proof is in the puddin' :smoke:
  14. Me and my girlfriend named our garden today...Wee Did It Gardens
  15. Delahaze - significantly less derp today :smoke:

    2nd is a pic of all 4 chemmy jones makin' daddy proud :love:

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    So we've been experiencing a magnesium problem...:mad:

    Remedy for the situation - Calmag and a foliar feeding of epsom salt...

    If we don't have any progress within the next couple days I'm gonna flush then buy an RO system and restart brand new...

    6 Under the 1,000 Watt MH - 6 Under the 1,000 Watt HPS - the light throws overlap..
    Pictures! :smoke:

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  17. OK seems to me that your super, duper, mega, maxi, mix is way to freakin hot for them babies.

    On top of that your dumping more crap on it. Oi you young fellas:confused:

    You need some much weeker mix for seedlings.
    How long did you let the mix cook before use?
    A month is standard. But anyway.

    You need some regular soil from a store or wherever, you gotta get them things outta that toxic mess,
    and transplant them into new soil.

    I would take that mix you have and let it cook in a tote, mix up every few days.
    Then just mix it with some cheap soil, double check ph before use.

    And stop dumping more shit on them poor little things.
    I really don't think you've read a great deal of my teaching.
    Everything you're doing is no where near how I do things.

    I can help you straighten this out but you gotta hear what I say and follow through.
    For your patients sake.
  18. I read that your using 1000wt lights already!
    If that's the case you need weeker lights to start with for seedlings a pre-vegging.
    1000wt's on seedling bad.

    You are impatient aren't you?
    If your willing to learn I'll help out

  19. I'm all ears man, I don't seek advice with only wanting to recieve 50%...

    As far as regular soil what do you mean? I started with the promix seeing as it is a completely blank the moment the only things I've fed are my veg nute at 25% strength, mycorizhal products at 50% str, some humic acid at 50% and lastly some silica at 50%..

    My worries are a miscalculation on my part as far as the castings ammendment? Possibly making it too hot? I also fear that amound of lime I added wasnt sufficient enough to properly balance the 5 gallon pots...could the fact that I used dolomite pellets instead of powder be the issue...

    I pre-mixed my soil for 5 days, we mixed it in a freshly cut sheet of plastic ( We stood on opposite ends and vigorously shook for a good 10 minutes, then repeated this daily) and wrapped the mass into a ball and secured tightly.

    I can have them transplanted tomorrow if need be, I'm also more than willing to rectify the situation in my current soil...also to note that its really only 4 plants out the 12 are affected...the rest are lush and thriving.

    As far as the lights go, I will continue to the 1,000 use watts. I have a ventilation system designed to support that amount of light (The temps at the tip of new growth is 74F on the average, fluctuating +-2 ) - this is at a distance of 20 In. from the plant. Seedlings were initially started under 160 Watts of CFL - germinated and broke ground in under 3 days - healthy roots surrounded the bottoms of the rapid rooters and I had rooting through the side walls as well...transplanted to the 5 gallon pots at day 7. Lights were left around 3.5 feet for the first 2 nutes were applied and the transplants took perfectly. I've worked the light down since and haven't seen any negative effects from the 1000 watts.
  20. Then use pro mix (blank slate).

    you need to have an incremental transplant regime,

    I start with 6 oz styro cups till rooted well and growing.
    Then to 1 quart, then 1 gal, then 3 gal, then 17 gal.

    You ever drive a stick shift? Do you normally go from 1st to 5th.
    That's what your doing by going right to the large pots as babies.
    So for now maybe add just about 25% of your fancy mix to your promix to delute the nutes.
    You should not be using any ferts till week 3-4 if healthy, never at this age.
    TP in the smallest containers you have. Dig your plants out gently and replant.
    Water with your bubbled city water. Then after that, practice lifting your containers to learn proper water weights. This takes a while to learn so practice often.

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