My May 25th thread

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, May 26, 2003.

  1. by the end of the day, Ill probably know why I started this thread. :D [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. my birthday is in two days...geminis rock the house
  3. or has no one seen nubbin round here recently? I'unno... rock on nubsy...
  4. nah im always just never talking anymore...typing takes up too much of my day so i gotta keep it to a minimum. Dont worry though switch, im always watching you from the shadows
  5. I don't know whether to be paranoid or turn 'round and wave?
  6. My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow. Go Gemini!
  7. I just ate a can of flat fillet anchovies

  8. bored..... and prob's nice to get the ball rollin early....

    why....... poor ass? Or just feel like punishing yourself.....

    Fish is greeeat but anchovies are in another league of thier own......lil salty stinky bastards....

  9. lol Ive been craaaaaaaving salt all day. lol, I love anchovies..I was drinking pickle juice earlier too..its just one of those days
  10. happy birthday nubbin and wang!!! well in a couple days....
  11. hmm..i can choose between your pickle juice and anchovies, or i can go eat fuckin hamburgers and birthday cake.....

    ...fuck ya'lls im out of here!
  12. Id ask you to take me with you, but im waiting to gimmie a piece of the girlfriend when she gets done work. im going to work on her :p
  13. now that beats cake any day ;)
  14. Happy B-day Nubs!

  15. Interesting combo..... you some kinda deeer or somethin...lickin

    i haven't eaten much today...... but the 3 worms of collected at the bottom of my mezcal bottle is startin to look temptin...jk.....not gonna eat them till i have 5......;)

  16. cool :) mine is the 29th :D
  17. hehe, 25th! that was my dads birthday... i went on a massive shroomie trip too... ahh... a good day indeed.

    : digit turns around and waves to nubbin :
  18. heyyyy now ppl, this is the may 25 thread!!!! if u wish to post anymore nonsense u must start a may 26 thread!

    o crap now i've done it! posted on the 25 thread on the 26th!
  19. How about a topless bartending maid.

    Topless gas station attendant.

    Topless hmm, lawn maintence personell. :)

    How horrid could these things be.

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