My Maui-Waui in dying!! Please help!!

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  1. So Iv been having this curling and brown tips for awhile, first I thought it was that is wasn't getting no nutes. But then I bought some FF Grow Big nutes and it still was doing the same. So then I figured that it was the ph level of the water, so I bought a Ph test kit, and started giving it water with the right ph level..bit still no luck.. I don't know what else to do or if it's because the back to back triple digit heat days we've been having in Texas.. Can some1 please help me, this is my 1st grow and I really want this plant to do well..

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  2. put that poor plant inside see what happens
  3. (keep in mind I've never grown pot) Seen this before, not on marijuana but other plants. When do you water then? if its hot out dont stray on leaves it will blister them, only roots water when the sun is going down or in the morning. Also to many nuts isnt good for any plants and make sure there aren't any bugs on the plant maybe get some lady bug eggs... Also pick some healthy looking branches and maybe get some clones (theres really good thread on GC about clones )

    Edit: agree with adove ^^^
  4. So y'all think it could be the heat? And I only mist the leafs every once and awhile at night time..
  5. Don't mist the leaves,, see what happens,, I never mist the leaves,, just water and leave it alone ,, don't try too hard
  6. Cool cool..
  7. Water the roots the leaves only take a little bit of the water from what i know
  8. go get some magnesium
  9. Flush the plant with 30 gallons of water. You have nute lock out.

    On the 30th gallon feed half dose of VEG ferts. It will snap right out and start growing again.

    Always flush first when you have a plant in this condition. Flushing will never hurt anything. In this case it will fix the problem. Willing to bet my next pay check....
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    Thanks man..
  11. Yeah isn't Grow Big a flowering fert? Not sure never used the FF trio.

    Either way brown burning like that is almost always nute burn/lock out, and you should flush like the above said.:hello:
  12. he's talkin about when he flushes.
    Grow big is a vegitive nutes. has N in it.
    help with the rapid loss of N when flushing
  13. Honestly tho, i would go buy some mag. iron and cal. (cal-mag or magical) and i would be feeding them that each watering
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    Where can I get some cal-mag at?
  15. local hydro store ha. where did you get grow big? lol
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    you can also save 30$ and top dress with dolomite lime, or some oyster shell powder, and use epsom salt for the magnesium/sulpher

    also elevate the pots so they are not sitting on the hot concrete. If your plastic containers are getting hot it migt benefit you to transplant into fabric containers. You can make your own by buying landscape fabric and a fabric stapler if you like.

    Also it looks like a lot of your pelite has floated to the top. are your roots getting enough oxygen? what kind of dirt are you using?
  17. Ok so what I'm going to do when the sun the sets is flush the plant with 30 gallons of water and on the 30th gallon I'm goin to put a tea spoon of epsom salt and half a dose of my Fox Farm veg. Nutes.. Does this sound good to yall?
  18. idk brotha. iv always have stuck with a proper regiment. but nitrogen is in Growbig, and idk what epsom salt does.
  19. Listen to 5150(flush them ASAP), if anyone on GC knows what wrong, its him.

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