My Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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  1. Martin Luther King Jr. day was rad. My family prepared a turkey feast for all of our cousins and friends. We sang carols of freedom and rejoiced to the Jackson 5. Then at night we ran into the streets and opened fire hydrants and bumped hood tunes. We slapped dat bass mon'
    Just kidding im white but black people are cool. Terry Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Antwuan Dixon, Obama, and Oprah Winfrey are thugz yo'

    Imagine Oprah and Roseanne going head to head like gladiators...covered in peanut oil and fish paste. mmmm just kidding thats gross dude.

    yup i smoked for the first time in a while due to my T-Break. im high as fuckz
    hit some chronic tyra banks kush bluhd
  2. The funniest thing about this goddamn post is your only tag is simply....

    "black people"

  3. wait wasn't that on Monday? and today is Thursday?:confused_2:
  4. My martin luthor king day we hunted down white people and force fed them doo doo. No really I was robbed at gun point by other black people on martin luther king day.
  5. hhahahahaha. i was soooo fucked up last night guys. i smoked like 5-6 bowls and a dank ass shake blunttt
  6. My Martin Luther King Day was fucking epic. I smoked two fat ass blunts with my fellow black friends, now that was a day to remember.
  7. I find this post highly offensive being an African-American stoner.

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    well homie, you can go fuck yourself. i love african american people. lets just say im DOWN for the BROWN

    disrespect isn't allowed here dude
  9. Tyra banks is so ugly. I'd rather watch Brittney banks.

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