My Marijuanna Song *PEEP IT OUT*

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by yungglynn, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Check out my rap song dedicated to marijuana. Don't pass it by like it's some crappy low quality bullshit this a great track.

    Would love feedback from stoners

  2. Sounds professional! I almost passed this by cuz everyone and their grandma raps nowadays but this was an above average recording to me.
  3. Appreciate it!
  4. I know how easy it is for people to skip tracks haha i just hope they give this a listen.
  5. check it out folks
  6. that "chorus" absolutely ruined the song for me.

    Other than that, production value was really superb. You must have a good mic.

    The rapping part, I like your flow and you actually went for it on the vocals instead of just reading words (which I see too often). Sounds dope.
  7. Sick beat, Dope chorus and pretty sick flow.

  8. haha yeah im not a singer at all, so i understand those who don't like the chorus. Just work with it, haha it'll grow on you.
  9. I came in this thread expecting to laugh my ass off, but I enjoyed the song. Pretty dope

  10. Haha thanks, yeah i take rapping seriously.

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