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My Marijuana Adventure of the Day!(with the SEMS1 bong idea)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pornstar Lungs, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. haha alright.....
    Im comin' off a 5 day T-break and while I was in the midst of day 4 I used SEMS1's bong guide and made a bong out of boredom (great ice catcher idea SIMS1). The only thing is I used a big mason jar which was really bottom heavy. So today I call my guy, and get 2g's of some mids to test my bong. I call up my 2 friends Josh and Morgan and we go to the woods to test it out....well it turns out I made the bowl to deep to light and it just pulled a little and fell in because it was stuck inside it. Well I was next to a lake (woods smoking) and I was gonna thrrow the bong in the water, so I pick it up over my head ready to throw it, and bOngWater pours all over my head (its 20 degrees) so I get pissed and throw the bong in the lake. Well, since the bong was bottom heavy and floating from the plastic it floated into the lake bobbing through a public section filled with people on the lake, looking like a godamn bong booey(sp?). WE got afraid that people would see it so we started chucking giant rocks in the water after it (missed like 10 times cuz we were still flyin from earlier in the day) and the bong filled up with water and sank....then think I hear someone yelling at us. We start walking away and a firm voice yells STOP!, and we hear sirents right behind us, we bolt and go home.:smoke:
    Share some of yours if you'd like!

    Happy tokin':smoke::smoke:

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