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  1. ok, after taking a short visit to my plant site, im pretty sure that three of my plants are males, i want to keep the males, but i dont want them to pollinate the far away should i move them so they will not affect the females?
  2. the pollen can carry on for miles in the right conditions... if it were me i would simply kill them of, the thc content is very small. if you still plan to keep them move them as far a you can safely
  3. ok thanks
  4. I have always wondered why the DEA doesn't think of planting a few acres of shitty hemp in the middle of the green triangle or other popular grow spots...Biological warfare; everyones bud would be filled with seeds and the seeds would be worthless after being pollinated with a horrible strain for smoking....

    Damn i should keep thoughts like that to myself....
  5. Why do you wanna keep the male plants?
  6. can never pull my males... i make my girlfriend do it. its too depressing :hide:
  7. Ripped a male out today also. Not that depressing since i have 7 females :D
  8. You can collect their pollen if you want, store it, and kill the males.
  9. i wanna keep my males because 5 of the 6 plants i have are males...which sucks dick and i figured i might be able to get some shit weed off of each one so whatever. i also moved my female plant far far away...i have 12 acres so there is a pretty good distance between the plants
  10. i just found out that one of my 5 plants was a male and the shitty thing of it is is that it was one of the biggest ones. oh well i still have 4 nice ladies left. it was terribly depressing to have to chop it down tho.
  11. Why on Earth would you want to keep the males, and risk your entire crop being seedy??

  12. you wont get ANY bud from the males. not good weed, not shit weed. just NO smokable weed. it isnt even bud. its pollen sacks. kill the males. u got one female atleast. trust me when i say, those males are completely worthless. and 12 acres or not, when all 5 of those boys open their sacks im sure your female will get hit by their pollen
  13. Kill the males, who gives a shit? We all want "sinsemilia" (literally "seedless" in Spanish) right? ;) One nice female is better than 5 males (useless) and 1 seedy female (almost useless, very little to smoke around the seeds and seeds can't be smoked they pop).
  14. People here suffer from hay fever thanks to the pollen blowing hundreds of miles across the mediterranean from the MJ fields of Morocco.
  15. Such useless information you bragging, pedantic pothead.
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    The point being made to help hp2skater, who thought he was safe from pollination with 12 acres, was that pollen can carry a whole lot further than you might think.
    We come here to share info, whether you may or may not regard it as useful.
    And being so childishly abusive just makes you look exactly that.
  17. C'mon, what's this? We don't need this type of immature crap here, take it elsewhere please.

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