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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by donfolds, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow Blades. I recently received my Magic Flight Box in the mail after reading a lot of good things on these boards. I've only had it for a day, but I'll offer my opinions on the device thus far. I also snapped some photos, because honestly, who doesn't like photos?

    The Cost

    I ended up purchasing the box on Amazon for a little over $100. I'm aware you can get it online for around $80, but I was making some other orders on Amazon so I just got it there.

    The Contents

    In my order, I received a basic tin "stash box" of sorts with the Magic Flight logo on the top. All of the contents were inside this tin box, which includes: two rechargeable batteries (in an interesting batter holder that's not pictured), a small plastic case for your ground herb, the Launch Box itself, and a very sturdy plastic tube to draw vapor from the box.

    The Tin

    Box Contents

    Stash Jar

    I was supposed to also receive a two-batter charger with my order, but they didn't have any in stock, so they shipped the Launch Box separately and I guess the battery charger company is sending me my charger directly.

    The Quality and Design

    I don't see my Launch Box breaking down on me any time soon. It's built very well, and the design is really simple. The rest of the package is nice as well, and I've read the batteries they send out in the box are pretty high quality. I've vaped three times on the same battery (two to three moderately long hits) and it's still going strong. And if it does ever die on me, I'll take advantage of the product's lifetime warranty.

    Size Comparison

    You can see in the picture above how small the Launch Box really is, in relation to one of the rechargeable AA batteries. I haven't used this thing on the move yet, but it's so small you can literally use it whenever and wherever you want.

    Launch Box Close-Up

    The High

    I was kind of hesitant purchasing a vaporizer, mostly because I've grown accustomed to getting high smoking. I was concerned that the vaporizer high wouldn't be what I had hoped for.

    It's definitely a different kind of high, but it's not a bad thing. Like others have mentioned, it's more of a head high and less of a couch-lock high. Smoking seems to give me a much "heavier" type of high. The Magic Flight allows me to reach a desired state of mind and still be functional enough to get some work done. The high lasts for a considerable amount of time as well, and although I've only used this thing a couple times, it's a more consistent high.

    The Main Observations

    For me, the most important thing the Launch Box brings to the table is its lack of smell. I'm a college student in a pretty confined living space, so the Launch Box is perfect for my circumstances.

    If you vaporize the same herb for too long, you may start to notice a burning smell. But that just means it's time to stop vaping that herb, and the smell is hardly noticeable to begin with.

    I've also found that you can still see the vapor as you exhale, which reassures myself that I'm doing everything right, haha. So if you're concerned like I was with not having the visual confirmation of smoke, you'll be pleasantly surprised. And your lungs will thank you in the long run.

    The Final Opinion

    I know I haven't had this thing for very long, but I think we'll grow to be quite good friends. The design is so simple and effective, and also portable, that it makes the Launch Box the perfect option for all herbal smokers.

    For myself, I made this purchase without ever using a vaporizer. This wasn't an issue though, and although it's a slightly different high, it definitely has it's benefits over smoking.

    I'm really happy with my purchase, and would encourage any of you to go get one if you're considering it. Even if you're not considering it, buy one anyway. It's that awesome.

    If you guys or girls have any other questions about the Launch Box, let me know. I'd be glad to tell you what I know. And I apologize if this sounds too formal or whatever, but I'm in finals-week-paper-writing-mode and I'm partially baked, so give me a break.
  2. Nice Review man! :D
    I love my Launch Box as well! One of the best things i´ve ever purchased!
  3. Thanks a lot man. So far, it's proving to be a very solid investment for me.
  4. Great review. I have one myself and from the first vapor rip I had fell in live with it. The first thing that sticks out is definitly the size. I can almost hide it in a closed fist.

    Pro tip: unlike smoke, holding in vapor will get you higher. Plus, since there is no bad smoke or tad, holding it in won't hurt you. Try to hold in the vapor until nothing is exhaled.
    Enjoy your new toy, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think you forgot to mention the lifetime replacement warranty- the best warranty of ANY vaporizer.

  5. My first rip was great as well. Awesome tip on holding in the vapor, I'm going to make more of an effort to do that next time. And I actually did say something about the warranty in The Quality and Design section, but it deserves more attention than I gave it. The entire package is a great deal, and the lifetime warranty is icing on the cake.
  6. I've never seen one of these before but it looks sick, so its pretty much a mini vaporizer? How does it compare to other vaporizers?
  7. Oh my bad, you did briefly mention it.

    When you hold it in try to get a bit of fresh air immediatly after you inhale the vapor, don't hold your breathe for TOO LONG, you don't want to accidently hurt yourself.

  8. Yeah, it's a mini-vaporizer. I've never used a vaporizer before the Launch Box, but I'm sure a fellow blade will be able to help you out there.

  9. Alright thanks man cause this thing looks pretty sick. I've always wanted a vape for the lack of smell/conserving bud so I might just have to look into this.
  10. Recently got one. Phenomenal!. My dad popped over shortly after I had vaped (he knows I smoke) and he said to me, are you stoned, and I said, nah just tired. He sniffed the air, couldn't smell the usual overpowering smog and said, yeah you do look tired, try to get some rest! Cos there is next to no smell I have no paranoia if the door is knocked, or if I vape in the garden I know my immediate neighbours cant smell it, and its lovely to sit outside without worry getting stoned. Brilliant. The head high is really nice too, no melting into a heap, its quite buzzy.

    Thankyou MFLB :D
  11. I take every chance I get to evangelize the MFLB. Such a solid vape. Really the thing that I admire most is the simplicity of the design: no parts to break whatsoever and it all runs off of one AA. Great purchase man, I'm glad to see this thing gaining popularity!

    And yes, the warranty is probably the best of any product I've ever purchased, weed-related or not.
  12. Damn you guys are making me want to take a trip to my local head shop right now:) So only 100?
  13. Yep only 100 for the kit that includes the charger.
    But most headshops don't carry it, your best bet is to order it from BlissSville

  14. Oh word well thanks for the info man, I'll look into this, It will probably be my next purchase after my bro buys me a new spoon:rolleyes:

  15. haha, that's great man. I would never smoke in my dorm because it seems like quite a few kids get busted doing it. And going outside to smoke is tough some times too, especially when it's really windy/busy outside. The MFLB is one of my more practical purchases in a long time.
  16. Does it work like a regular vape where you turn it on, wait a few minutes for it to get to the right temp then hit it a few times? How brown does the residual weed get after use? How many pulls do you get off a regular bowl pack (0.2 grams or so)?

    Thanks. Looks cool
  17. I believe it only takes about 3-5 seconds to heat up when you put the battery in and a little light comes on inside. Then when you're done hitting it you pull the battery out to not overheat and burn your herb ;)
  18. Yeah, MrMatrix is spot on. Once you fill the trench with your herb and push the battery all the way in, it takes about three seconds before vapor starts becoming visible. I usually take pretty long, slow hits and then remove the battery while I'm holding in the vapor. The few times I've used mine, the vaporized weed is pretty brown. I think I left my first couple trenches in a bit too long, however. I get about 3-4 solid hits with a very small amount of herb before it gets brown. Just make sure that your weed is ground down well, and keep in mind that you don't have to vaporize much to get the desired effects.
  19. I just came here to show my support for Vaporgenie. Sorry but im a VG fan. congrats on your purchase

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