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my magic firework weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. umm.. this new bud i just got shoots up sparks and sizzles when i smoke it. its actually pretty cool, but im just wondering what the fuck is wrong with it.. it tastes and feels normal, but ive never had any bud that has done that before.

    ..did it get sprayed with something sketchy?

    ..was it enchanted by a magical wizard? i have ten minutes to live?

    i need answers, dammit!
  2. I once found a bunch of horribly shitty shake that did that same thing. It also tasted like a pile of crap and the smoke was thick yellow.
  3. Hey phunkyphil!

    I think that is was enchanted by a magical wizard who sprayed it with something sketchy while still leaving you more than ten minutes to live.

    THAT was an original thought. I hope you have your answer now!

  4. Thats odd, i never heard of that before, sounds cool though. It may of been laced but you should of been able to feel it if it was.
  5. it was probably moist. ?
  6. seeds crackle and pop when u burn em u have any stems or seed pieces oin the bowl?
  7. Also the flint off your lighter can do the same thing. Sometimes when you strike your lighter over the bowl a flake or 2 can fly into your bowl and snap crackle and pop it will spark up and shit, happens to me on occasion. Havent yall ever made a flint bomb when your lighter goes out? You take the flint out and the springs in the lighter (one under the flint and one under the button) put the flint in the smaller spring then attatch the other spring to have something to hold onto. Then you take a new lighter and heat the flit til it is red hot then throw it down hard against some concrete (outside lol) and it will do a lil sparkly show for you.

    Trippie J
  8. Maybe you're smoking gunpowder.... just maybe...
  9. nah, i think it wuz juss alot of seeds or stems. Seeds alwayz pop when u blaze them creating a lil sparkle. or maybe some dry az fuck stems.
  10. yeah , i think it was just stems.. i dont break up my buds at all
  11. Maybe but maybe not......The same thing happened to me before and i dont have any seeds or stems in my bud...It wasnt laced because i woulda felt it but maybe there was somethin else on it or maybe it was just the weed...It did the same thing you said and it crackled so loud everyone i was blazing with thought it was laced with crack.

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