My lucky day... (JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS!)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Hottbody, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone -

    Well my outdoor grow is going along on schedule..... I have 42 plants all about 4 to 5 inches tall from seeds I germinated May 9th. The plant break down is as follows:

    17--> BC Biker Bud
    14--> Early Girl X Big Bud
    11--> Aurora Indica

    Things are going right on schedule and my plan is to transplant from cups into the ground this week. (If the sun comes out for a bit....)

    ANYWAY - The point of my post....

    I got a call from a friend yesterday who said they had a surprise gift for me.... :hello:(I love surprises!!)

    They gave me 9 clones from the indoor grow they have going on!! All the clones are about 7 inches tall and most look quite healthy. (2 are looking a bit weak but we will see how they do) The clone break down is as follows:

    5 --> Kali Mist
    3 --> White Widow
    1 --> Northern Lights X Haze

    The clones have been under 18hr light 6hr dark for the last 2 weeks so it might take a bit for them to adjust to the outside natural light but I am sure they will enjoy it.... Do any of you know about these strains?? I got some info on line about them but information is power and I want to know more so I can be successful with them.

    I will keep you posted on how things progress.....

    Kisses -
  2. im outdoor growing white widow outside started from seed as we speak :) i can't complain they came on slow but now they really are shooting up and being the champs i want them to be . also it's some of the best weed available no kiddin
  3. I am growing white widow outside also.
  4. WHITE WIDOW is the best!
    i ordered 12 of the seeds for f@#king 75$ and its been wayyyy to long since i was suppose to recieve them and i contacted their ass's again and they asked for my info....and still im waiting.....willing to bet they were found and trashed...
    if you got a hold of an AK-47 seed you would have some of the best bud because if u were to mix the ak 47 with white widdow you get this one strain called 'white russian' and its amazinG!

    but ya those white widow clones u got, i would love them the most hah.

    good luck

  5. My white widow came from seeds.
  6. northern lights haze is a good one too i have 5 of them now got em as clones they are 2' tall now outdoor
  7. Or should I say last year´s grow came from seeds I paid a lot of money for.

    This year´s grow came from seeds I took from last year´s grow. I kept one male away from the girls and pollinated a branch.

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