My Lucid Dreaming induction, what's yours?

Discussion in 'General' started by aetherlynn, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. I love lucid dreaming! It’s fun and gives me this sort of peaceful vibe and whenever I wake up I always feel like I went on an amazing adventure of my own. It’s a weird feeling, unexplainable actually, but I just enjoy it, to be honest. I seem to have a lot of lucid and vivid dreams that’s why I always keep a dream journal near me, which is great because I have trained myself to immediately write down my dreams whenever I wake up and its fun to read back on. Before bedtime I always prepare myself to a particular adventure I want to go to next. It’s like writing your own move script. When I’m good with that, I go listen to some music, especially those lucid dream inducers that have those binaural beats. Those have seemed to help me a lot, and for some reason, I have longer dream experiences. There’s a lot of stuff like that online, but I liked the stuff from Brainwave Power Music. I had searched and tried other channels, but theirs seem to work for me the best. They’ve got meditation tones, too, which I also use. I love their channel. They’ve got good insights on each kind of music they put up there and some guidelines on what to do while listening to their binaurals, and I was happy when they put up techniques on their blog on how to lucid dream.

    So in case you guys want to try something for lucid dreaming, I recommend Brainwave Power Music. This one’s my recent fave SLEEP CITY - Your Urban Dreamscape - Lucid Dream Enhancer. They’ve got lots of cool stuff on there. And if you have other suggestions for me to do for my dream adventures, please let me know. I’d be very happy to try them!
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  2. For me, the only way I've ever been able to 'induce' vivid and lucid dreaming is by drinking caffeine before going to bed. lol

    You know what comes closest to lucid dreaming? Going to the bar and making out with a hot babe. The next morning, you'll be left wondering whether you had actually been dreaming the whole time.. or if the moment was for real. Either way, your phone ain't gonna ring.
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  3. I never remember my dreams. To the extent that I can't even be certain that I actually dream.

    I hope that's not sociopathic or some shit...

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