My Lowryder#2 harvest...

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  1. Hey,

    Thought I would post a thread to see what others think of my harvest. I just chopped her a couple of hours ago, and i'm pretty damn pleased. This was my first ever grow! I'm about to start Auto Lemon Skunk.

    Genetics: Lowryder x AK47.
    Time taken: Approximately 79 days.
    Lighting: 250w red CFL (eco-light), 125w blue CFL (eco-light). 18/6 throughout.
    Soil: Biobizz Light.
    Nutrients: Biobizz Grow and Bloom.
    Pot: 11l (7l of soil).
    Final height: 17 inches.
    Wet weight: Note that I weighed it as you see it in the pictures below (i.e. lots of stalk), but it weighed at 265.48g.

    Appreciate any comments, and I would love to hear from anyone who had a comparative grow, and potential dry weight estimates.


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  2. Man looks real good! I must say congrats.:hello:
  3. congrats dude... sorry im stalkin u jk....anyway im gone guess final weight to be around 2.5oz maybe 3oz lemme know=]
  4. thats awsome.. me and my buddies wanna try a lowrider grow.. how many plants did u have or is that one but with close bud shots? and whats the final dry weight??... and where did u get those seeds? i wanna grow that strain:smoke: sorry for all the Qs ahah im just stoned and very interested ahah
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    Thanks dudes,

    Cheers cabbage!

    Its all good mugzy, i'm also watching your grow lol.

    faceblunt, Its only 1 plant. I held up a Zippo lighter in the 2nd picture for comparison. Not going to know dry weight for atleast another 7 days. I brought the seeds from Attitude seed bank (google it), its a popular seed bank.

    I really have no idea what the dry weight will be, but i'm pretty pleased as my overall setup was poorish (cheap). 18/6 throughout, 375w over 2 CFLs, and I had hung photographic paper from the reflector, creating a grow space of approx 1ft by 1ft, which I feel was probably my key to success.

  6. did u use molasses by chance and if u did what brand?
  7. Only used Biobizz light soil, and their grow and bloom nutrients. Nothing else.
  8. kool dude i just got unsulphured blackstrap molasses and watered her i posted n update=]
  9. so what was your final dry weight buddy?
  10. Final weight????
  11. some good lookin buds you got there man! :hello:

    enjoy your harvest! :smoke:
  12. Whats the final weight? Dont leave us hanging like the buds in the pic. Smoke report?
  13. Great looking bud considering the setup! I bet dry weight is about 1.5 oz....

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