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    im baked as fuck and don't have anything to do i always fuck with my door before i get blazed in my house. so my snitch ass neighbors or roommate don't see me. i am thinking about 5 years ago when i was 14 when i started smoking thought i would post the best 3 of them all

    1. first time i ever smoked i met this dude on xbox live from Cali. that was talking about bud and shit and i thought weed would be cool as fuck. so i sent the dude $15 and he sends me back a dime of the best shit in Cali it was called purple power. and yellow and purple it was in a fruit cake too ha-ha. so i waited about 3 weeks to smoke it was the night before Christmas eve so i call my friend tone. (i only knew the dude for 3 weeks) and we go to go mart and get shit for munchies. because the dude told me all about it and id want food anyways tone is black so im like fuck yea he'll smoke with me they all do it. but he was all chicken shit and hides im closet. funny part is i used the exhaust fan in my bathroom.
    And closed all the exits and gaps so it would just go straight out. but my fan was shitty and didn't move a lot of air. so im smoking by myself and hes watching TV and he still gets baked because it was like a hotbox in my room. ha-ha we didn't get caught or anything we both just laid down and watched movies till we passed out. not really funny but it was fun oh yea ha-ha i rolled the joint in printer paper and a receipt.

    2.this was my second time. I made a bong out of a two liter and a metal flash light. It hit fucking insanely anyways this time i just had a cheap dime. so tone Corey and Jonas all come over and we all cram into my tiny room and smoke. ha-ha Corey and me locked ourselves into the bathroom and smoked 3 bowls (my bowl was TINY ) then we just chill and shoot bottle rockets out the window. then we got bored there so at about 2 we sneak out and get a twenty and a pack of papers and make two big ass joints. smoke them on a pitchers mound and start blowing shit up with black cats. so then we decided to walk to McDonald its about 3 and curfew is 11 where i lived. and there was a cop pretty much every two blocks and we had to walk about 24 blocks. and be sneaky all the way there. we checked our phones and it took us 45 minutes to walk 5 blocks so we speed up going through ally's. and for some reason there was a dog just like guarding an intersection it was a huge Shepard. so me jonas and i just laugh at it like come on bitch and keep walking. Corey and tone jran away and we couldn't find them so we make it to go mart and chill there until we found out the clerk their thought we were going to rob him and calls the cops so we had to cross these tracks that divide the city. and then we made it to fast check where we find Corey and tone they ended getting chased 6 blocks by the dog ha-ha that's why me and Jonas just kept walking it chased them just noticed that always wondered why it didn't follow us. anyways we walk about 6 more blocks and make it to McDonald's. Jonas left his wallet at home fucking sucked we didn't know what to do we had the munchies and had walked about 8 miles so we order food and tried to pay for it with napkins (they didn't want them). so Jonas grabs a hand full of napkins and stuffs them in his pocket then we cross the street on the way back to my house and see CVS is open and stole a ton of shit there. it was about 7 am when we got to McDonald that's. why take 2 bolts out of my door when im alone im always afraid im gonna wake up in like Texas now that i have a car but that's really the end of the story we walked back to my house and slept for an hour. everybody gets picked up and i just sleep.

    3. third and best me and tone got some more shit from my homie in Cali(still buy from him all the time he even sent me a menu ha-ha). i had got some really insane kush still haven't found anything as strong. and i soaked it in menthol cig flavoring for ever then hit it with some strawberry flavoring anyways now i had gotten some experience and had a dual chamber acrylic bong. one chamber was filled with water and ground up mentholated cough drops. the other was filled with crushed ice so we hit about a dime through it and go to a party and all drank like a red disposable plastic cup of vodka. and leave hoping to beat my parents home so they didn't see us but they did beat us home. i forgot they had bought us some pops there was a whole case so i grab the whole case and bring it to my homies. my moms like wheres my half of the case and im like oh fuck there were like 3 cans left by the time i got them back to her. then my step dad sees me with red eyes and shit he says i know what youre doing. i said does dad know what you're about to do buddy wanna get fucked up. and he gets in his truck and leaves ( my dad was mean as fuck and just got out o state) my moms like why did he leave and i said he got scared. and just laughed like hell shes like i miss those days i hugged my mom. and went back to my room and told them they said i i was lucky and shit next day my mom tells me she knew i snuck out in story 2.

    anyways these probably sound gay as fuck because im so used to saying shit like excited because of the big ass English paper well its like a book i gotta write and. oh yeah im chuckie thats what i for real go by i tried to introduce myself but nobody replied so yeah well peace:hello::smoking:
  2. I refuse to read until you paragraph it.
  3. if nothing elts the story was interesting....
    part of one of them reminded me of one of those things i can never quite remember so clearly
    no matter how hard i try....they just slip away

  4. There is still way too many test walls, run on sentences, and bad spelling.

    I don't understand why people tell stories in inaudible walls of text
  5. space



  6. I read the same line like 4 times. It was a huge wall of nothingness. please edit it
  7. i have revised my storie
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  9. WhaWhaWhaaaatttt?
  10. hahaha i was a dumbass 14 year old that couldnt get a rap but then that story got out and everybuddy i hung out with was a stoner by the summer damn i loved middle school i made better grades than most kids and usually came to school faded

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