My London Riots Experience.

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    So, I was walking down my local high street on Monday night. I'd seen all the stuff about the riots in Tottenham and watched them unfold on BBC news, but I live in a pretty nice, very middle class area and was not expecting it to affect me, and i'd got off the train just as everything was kicking off elsewhere.

    However, on my walk home, I saw a local french restraunt with its tables turned over, a window smashed etc and someone outside told me that a big gang of youths was around the area and had been smashing stuff up on the high street. I thought nothing of it, and promptly continued my walk home along what is quite a big high street, with a police station a 1 minute walk down a side road, and lots of nice, expensive boutique shops and cafe's etc. But to my surprise I saw what I assumed to be the gang of youths loitering just around a corner. There were 20 or 30 of them, just standing around, hoods up, faces covered, some carrying empty bottles etc (I was shitting myself).

    So I tried to get past them quickly, but to my malaise they started approaching me, surrounded me, and told me to give them my wallet and phone. I at first attempted to just push through them, hoping they'd just leave me alone, but to my complete surprise one of the little shits fucking punched my in the face (wasn't particularly hard, just quite a shock). I pretty quickly handed over my phone and wallet, didn't think it was worth going to hospital or being stabbed over...

    So yeah, I went to the police station, told them what happened to me, and the local shops, but they said that they didn't have enough officers available at the moment but they'd get support in the area as fast as possible but told the situation elsewhere and that they'd be reviewing CCTV in the area anyway because of the vandalism. After me giving them a statement and my details, I went home, cleaned my self up, and smoked a few joints to calm myself down...

    Lucky the situation in my area didn't escalate and there wasn't any of the arson or attacks on police like I saw on the news in Brixton and Clapham etc

    Sorry if that was a long read, just needed to vent, it happened a few days ago now but i'm still angry. These arrogant little wankers think they can run around the greatest city on Earth and just destroy it for a nights fun really need to be taught a lesson, I wish we'd brought the army in and really taught the wankers a lesson.

    Sorry to vent, Long story short, got punched in the face and robbed my 20 youths and lost my wallet and phone, fucking shit journey home from work all round...
  2. I remember when people rioted for a reason, not to steal. That being said why weren't you carrying a knife or something knowing there's a riot?
  3. I still dont understand why England is being a pussy - shoot to kill = problem solved

  4. You must be unaware this entire riot started because police unlawfully shot a man.....

    Thats effective protection of the people, 1 man dies, 10,000 riot.... if we did that here, cops would be much less trigger happy....

  5. Dude, this riot was caused by a shooting, if they did that it would escalate into a fucking complete civilian take over
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    Mate, he was a gangster, he was carrying a gun, in my books, anyone who carries a gun unlawfully deserves no remorse or compassion if he's killed by one.

    And, even though the firearms officer fired the first shot, he only injured him, it was after this shot that Mark Duggan raised his Real (not replica as many though) pistol and leveled it at one of the officers before the same officer shot him in the Chest. I'm sure the officer had a good reason for opening fire, he would have known the repercussions (look at the officers who had their careers ruined by the G20 for a bit of heavy handedness, which led to a mans death, which it was unfair to blame entirely on them) and known the rest of his career would be totally ruined, and he would probably he charged with murder, if he was wrong.

    He was absolute scum, anyone who carries a gun is, and even though it sounds harsh, i'm glad one of the worst people in the city is off the streets.

    And the whole thing was part of a massive anti-firearms operation that has been going on for ages, and this is the first incident I can remember where there was any violence.

    Also, only the Tottenham riot could possibly be because of this, the rest are literally just totally random acts of violence because people realized that they could get away with attacking police because of how pussy so many people here are. I'm sorry, but public disorder should instantly = Baton Rounds and Water Cannon, and if attacks on police continue then a total curfew should be imposed and any large scale violence during it should be met with live fire. Really fucking teach them a lesson.

  7. yea i was just reading more up on it, cause here in the US we have to go look for news from other counties unless its blatantly there, which it wasnt... yea, the dude was just waiving a fucking gun around lol

    either way, here in the US, cops will fire at anything they feel necessary too and the worst they get is a suspension or fired... if we all rioted, it would be way way different

  8. Ahh fair enough mate, i've been glued to the news for the last few days.

    And i'm starting to think that you guys have the right idea with public order, even though I used to think it was way too overhanded. People here think they can get away with anything. The exact same thing happened to my mate 3 or 4 weeks ago, surrounded by a big group of guys in hoods, beaten up and robbed, all in a pretty nice area, so it's not even only during the riots.

    Rubber Bullets + Water Cannon, then live ammunition (after extensive warnings beforehand as well as a complete curfew to avoid bystanders getting shot) if the violence continues extensively, it's radical but it's needed.

  9. Yea, crime is pretty common here too lol, where i live, not so much on a massive level, but we have murders, robberies, multiple times a year.... makes big ass news here though lol
    But on the water cannon + rubber rounds then live ammo, here it goes, shoot to kill, question later.
  10. Cops don't take gun waiving nicely.

    Once a friend and me had a small bb gun playing with it in a park. A cop rolls up out of nowhere, quickly pulls his bright lights, gets into shoot position and tells us to freeze.

    My idiot friend literally holds the gun out and says "it's not real" the cop says "point that gun in my direction one more time and your getting shot"

    Sure enough my friend drops the bb gun, the cop approaches us, realizes it is just a bb gun. Tells us we are idiots and he really would have fired.

    In hindsight, it's kinda funny.
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    There rioting because the police shot someone.

    How about you actually learn what's going on before you make a pointless uninformed post :rolleyes:

    And are you actually serious shoot thousands of people hmmm are you from Texas just curious.

    There rioting because someone got shot, then you shoot the rioters then there are more riots because the police shot the rioters, I'm sure glad you don't run the country.
  12. sucks man. those little shits will get what's coming to them.
  13. Please read what I wrote above.

    They aren't rioting because someone was shot (and that shooting was 100% justified,), they are committing utterly RANDOM acts of criminal violence. They are ripping apart their own communities (which are mostly very poor already), making people in pretty dire economic circumstances HOMELESS and destroying their businesses and livelihoods.

    Also, SOMEONE GOT SHOT FOR NO REASON IN CROYDON ON MONDAY NIGHT, 3 MEN GOT HIT IN A HIT AND RUN ATTACK IN BIRMINGHAM FOR DEFENDING HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS FROM LOOTERS. I refuse to accept that any of the random violence is related to a justified police shooting. Notice how the family of the GANGSTER WHO CARRIED A GUN Mark Duggan have shut up now the IPCC have given their verdict. Only Tottenham was remotely justified, but their protest was hijacked and then people started taking advantage of the Police's weakness on the first night.

    The people are utter scum. The murderer of those 3 lads in Birmingham really needs the death penalty.

    And if the police have a few thousand blokes with hoods and balaclavas on start throwing bricks and bottles at them, then they should be justified in raising the force and properly clearing them off the streets, and stop them doing it anytime soon.
  14. Even if some of them do think they're rioting for a cause, what in the world is the point of robbing random people in the street? What does that accomplish? What does any of this accomplish? :confused_2:

    "I'm pissed off that the police killed a man, so now I'm going to... destroy my neighborhood and rob my neighbors"? Sweet. Nice. Good deal.

    But as you said, that's why it's pretty clear that these are just random acts of violence at this point...

    Hell, look on the bright side, at least your city isn't rioting over a damned hockey game! *Glances at Vancouver* :p
  15. Even if the police shot 5 people instead of 1, why rip shit up where you live? :p

    Take it to the government buildings or something. Chav bastards. We have the exact same type of youths here in the Netherlands. They feel like the world owes them a favor.

    I heard on the news this morning that a man in his 60s was run over and killed. Shit makes me angry.

  16. Or, New Orleans having riots on St. Patty's day, just for the sake of being drunk and fucking shit up lol... or mardi gras n shit.... Lets riot, to combat the riots!!!!!! I predict that happening next lol

  17. LOL!

    That's a good idea. A riot to combat the riots. "Why are you rioting?" "Because we were sick of the damned riots!!!" :p

    Win. :smoking:
  18. Move to the US, get your concealed carry license, pick up a nice pistol, and never worry about something like that happening again. I've had mine for 5 years now and have yet to get robbed in my shitty city.

  19. Pull out gun in large mob of people in us, 50/50 chance, someone in the mob pulls one out too.

    If you can carry a gun, so can they... people forget guns dont stop bullets lol
  20. It cant be the greatest city if shit like that happens.

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