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My logic about legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Po4381994, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Keep in mind, I realize that there's a lot of different aspects to the legalization of pot, and that it would help millions that could use it for medicinal purposes, and tax dollars yadah yadah, but hear me out. In my high mind, wouldn't keeping it illegal also keep it out of the hands of greedy corporations that would ruin it? I mean the tobacco companies are the best example. For the time being maybe nation wide decriminalization would be best while we figure out how to keep corporate greed away from the lovely herb. Just my thoughts, I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks, I'm sure this isn't a new idea lol
  2. There are greedy cocksuckers now that sell wet 1/8's for $60 and  $110 quarter ounces.
    My concerns are you get a pack of Marlboro green and its the same quality as what you call "mids" and pay a fortune.
    Legalize growing is the answer, you can buy the dank, the mids or the swag or you can grow your own.
    Could you imagine if you need a license to grow tomatoes , processor license and a special dealers license. and pay 45% tax.
    The greedy cocksuckers is the dickheads making the rules in Washington state.
  3. Yeah that is the other side of the coin. I would just hate for it to turn into the new cigarette, pumped with all sorta of terrible things to keep you even more hooked, and broke. Just seems like you can't win in this world and someone is always going to fuck you over sadly.
  4. Make it just as legal as tomatoes and all will be fine.
  5. It's not a new idea. I hear people say all the time they don't want corporations and government ruining it if it's legalized. That makes no sense to me, because right now it's illegal for me to grow my own, I'm not hurting anybody by supplying myself with quality cannabis. I just choose not to support the black market, and because it's a lot cheaper to do it yourself (and a lot of fun).
    Legal cannabis means that you can grow it yourself. If you don't trust other people to grow quality stuff, do it yourself it's not hard to get some good buds growing yourself if you take the time to do your homework.
    Also, the prices right now, how are people okay with them? It's insane, around here even with the best connections you're going to pay around 240-260 for an ounce. A gram is standard for 20 dollars in most of the country! It costs less than 20 dollars an ounce to grow indoors. You're paying a LOT of people right now which is jacking the price up, along with the risk factor.
    I remember having no connections in high school, ounces from 400 dollars and up, and the weed was shit compared to what I have now. I know there are still people in that situation around here who don't know anybody better, this problem would be solved with legalization too.
    Basically, if someone is trying to sell a huge amount of shitty weed, why would people buy it when you can get awesome weed? There wouldn't be a market for poor quality buds. If you don't buy it they won't sell it.
  6. I see where you comin from homie. Thing is, marijuana has some noteworthy medicinal qualities to it. I'm not sure if I can say the same or cigarettes. Either way, there are still some people who grow and sell their own tobacco. I don't see why legalizing marijuana would hinder their ability to grow a pot plant.
  7. I understand why you guys are saying, I guess I was thinking purely in the corporate selling of it sorta area, no doubt that growing would be the best option if it were to be legalized. Even if it were legalized nationally though, don't you think that the goverment would find some way to hinder growing, like requiring licenses and extensive background checks or something like that. Just pure speculation. I'd love to see it legalized.
  8. If they did that then we'd go back underground and be back to where we are now. Growing illegally. But for now, since it's already illegal, it would best to be legal so you can grow freely. If you can grow freely, there will plenty of amazing weed around. I grow enough bud for myself and I smoke a lot, I only use a little closet sized area for stealth purposes. If it didn't have to be a secret, you could grow so much quality weed. If it was legal I'd grow way more than I needed and probably end up giving most of it away, but I can't take that risk now so I can only grow for myself.
    Cigarette companies selling mids? Yeah right.
    Just like they do now, they'd be selling us 15% weed mixed with 85% chemicals. It would be 10 bucks a pack, but you'd be getting high off of whatever they induce into the mixture -- not THC.
    We'd be lucky if they even put shwag into that 15%.
  10. I do Have a legal medical grow and did grow some outdoors.
    The hardest part is not going crazy, last year I grew 7 plants outdoors. 3 of them were around 8 feet tall.
    it would be all too easy to get stupid and plant 500 plants. then if I got in trouble I would be asking for it.
    Right now my garden is a collective 3 patients and the plant limit is 45 plants.
  11. This is exactly my concern with legalized marijuana. That and the ridiculous taxation. People who call themselves pro-weed and then say, "Yeah, tax the shit out of it!" are my worst enemy. Why tax the shit out of it? Why tax it at all? Why tax something for the sake of taxing it, and no other reason?
    Fortunately, despite the ludicrous taxation going on in Colorado and Washington, it's not corporate-run weed yet. The dispensaries are small, local, family-owned shops. And right now only former medical weed shops are allowed to sell it, so you know these people care about the product and the quality.
  12. Weed is such a great substitution for for so many terrible illnesses that doctors have to prescribe a bunch of pills and treatments for and it's truly a shame to see it be completely turned down by the government in every way. The government wants to make sure that pharmaceutical drugs and companies are proliferating. We all know of the magical and medicinal healing powers of cannabis and cannabinoids and how on its own, it can replace so many different drugs; for example, cannabis is supposed to prevent the growth of tumors and kill cancerous cells but in hospitals today they use extensive methods for curing cancer such as chemo treatment which consists of sessions a patient would have to attend multiple times. Going back to the main topic, perhaps a reason for the government being so rigid against the legalization of cannabis is that once its legalized, it becomes the replacement of many firms that the government might lose money because it, no matter how much it is taxed. It seems as though this is more of an economic concern for the government than anything; a plant that can replace so many drugs is bound to put a big group of people out of jobs (though it could also create jobs in terms of farming and so on). It truly is a shame that the government isn't looking out for the welfare of its people and only looking out for the wealth aspect of the whole situation. Cannabis is almost heavenly, because it can be used to replace so many harsh drugs that are used for illnesses such as ADHD, Parkinsons, cancer, Alzheimer's, and so on, and it can do so without many of the bad side effects. I think the entire world needs to embrace weed and engage in a pro-weed movement!!! 
    those making bank on pot being illegal want it to stay illegal...
    SO. ..guess we know how you make your money...and as long as you make money off pot being illegal, fuck everyone else?
  14. Actually no, I don't grow or sell and I live in one of the more expensive states. But speaking to your point it's either us raping eachother with prices or the goverment doing it to us. I'm not saying either is right, just that one isn't better than the other in that regard. Of course if it were legalized the obvious option is to grow, but I'm sure the goverment would find a way to grossly profit off of that as well.

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