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my local co-op got boken into again!!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mr.niceguy619, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. well today i went to pick up a sac and i roll up and see the aftermath of someone tryin to steal from the co-op, they didnt get much...but it's still lame the place opened in jan. and today was the 6th break-in (but atleast they stopped with the armed robberies)
  2. I didnt know they had medical marijuana stores..Lol i live in ny so i guess ill never see one here.
  3. Dam in Mira Mesa. Thought they lowered the crime rate over there...
  4. well there isnt much crime in mira mesa except for car theft other then that there aint much (in less you cruise a few miles south)
  5. hey can I pm you man.../ Need some info...
  6. hit me up :smoking:
  7. ive never been to this dispensary but i don't like them just from reading this post. Getting robbed 6 times is just stupid. When dispensaries get robbed it gives a bad name to the entire medical marijuana movement because politicans allways come back and point out that medical marijuana dispensaries attract crime so they should be shut down. It's a dispensaries responseablity to run it properly, you have to remember sick people are going here to get their medicine, they should feel safe. I know for a fact medical marijuana dispensaries bring in more than enough revenue to hire enough security that it most likely never get robbed.

    Aight im done with my little rant :) glad no one was hurt and you still got your sack.

    Oh by the way how do you like the dispensaries down in so cal ? I'm up in nor cal and the clubs down there have somewhat of a bad reputation up here. Is it really true some of them charge up to $70-80 for an 8th ??
  8. about getting robbed: so far for this shop they have only been hit @ night (when there closed so safty of customers wasnt an issue) and he did spend over $40,000 on cameras and gates, so there trying......and that wasnt to bad because what happens to the shops down here is they get raided by armed thieves (when the store is open) and they hit all the stores back to back so by time the police get involved, they already hit the next store.

    im still makin my rounds to all the different shops, but so far im happy....but yes they do charge up to bout $75/ 1/8th but that usually is for the best that they have. but there are some shops that sell everything @ $60 1/8th no matter what bud it is (i dont go to those places unless i have to)
  9. damn dude that is crazy.
  10. hopefully we all will be able to buy from dispensiaries soon.

    but shit, i'd grow my own rather than buy it if it was legal.
  11. ]

    thats good they are trying to get the security situation under control. Do you know if alot of the cameras are visisble ? I suggest a motion sensor alarm system, this way if anyone breaks in it trips off a silent alarm and the cops can hopefully show up while the robbers are still inside. Maybe you could suggest that to the owners or somethin

    Damn dude thats crazy they charge so much for medical weed down there, i feel sorry for really sick people who are on a low income. I dont understand how the weed could be so much cheaper up here than down there since its all in california. Youd think a club down there would offer bomb 8ths for 40-50$ down there cause they could take over the market and get the most customers since everyone else is charging a arm and a leg.....hmmm maybe i should , wanna be me buisness partner?? hahah. Stay up homie.
  12. im tryin to grow also...but it will be a few months till i can smoke my own
  13. Hey Mr. niceguy,

    Yes, that was my place. I am sad it is gone - LOVED it there. Sorry we had to close. Too many break ins and the landlord was fed up (plus I can only fix the building so many times....).

    If you enjoyed the medicine and want to continue at even better prices (all 55-60), then call 858-752-7301 and follow the directions to the latest and greatest full service delivery in SD.

    Take care and hope to see you soon, bro.


  14. Cali Toker, why am I a bad guy for being robbed? Thanks for the props Niceguy. I feel like a rape victim being ragged on for wearing a short skirt.

    We had 12 security cameras (3 hidden), motion sensors, door and window sensors, pressure sensors, you name it. Fact of the matter is if someone drives a car through your store you are done.

    As far as pricing, I thought we were always fair. I tried to make a beautiful, safe environment for everyone (patients and staff). I miss being there and hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in delivery services, you can call 858-752-7301.

    Thanks and take care,

  15. I dont think you're an asshole for getting robbed. I made my comments before I realized all the security measures this dispensary had in place. I made my comments because this dispensary had been robbed multiple times which lead me to beleive it didnt have good security. Beleive me there are a lot of dispensaries that have shitty security and are just asking to be robbed, and when they are robbed politicans, law enforcement, and anyone else who hates medical marijuana have a field day and use it to ban dispensaries in other cities. I personally have to drive about a hour to get to my nearest dispensary because the cities in my area don't allow them and the #1 reason they don't allow them is because they are afraid of violent crimes such as robberies taking place.

    As for prices, I don't care if god himself grew the marijuana. No dispensary should be charging anything over $50. There is simply no valid excuse for it. I can understand not going under street price because then people would resell it but there is no excuse for selling medical marijuana for more than street price. I would be all for local governments to regulate the price dispensaries can sell there medicine at. Its a flat out crime that someone dying from cancer or aids should have to pay nearly twice as much as what illegal drug dealers on the street are charing. Also when despensaries set prices like this all it does is make drug dealers want to go 'legit' and open their own despensaries. Then you have drug dealers selling medical marijuana which also gives a black eye to the whole community.

    Sorry if you took offense to my comments, after knowing the full story i can see that this dispensary has great security. So the guys who did this were caught right ? If theres that many cameras i'd assume the police caught them (hopefully). Security is a very hot topic for me because ive been at city council meetings where they rejected allowing dispensaries specifically because they were worried about robberies taking place and someone getting hurt. I now have to drive over an hour to get the medicine i really do need because other dispensaries where more worried about making $$$ then protecting patients.

    I'm curious though, why do you think $60-80$ for an eigth is a fair price? I know how much it costs to grow marijuana and i know how much marijuana costs in bulk and in both cases $60 for an 8th = huge profit margins. Dispensaries shouldnt be in the buisness of making huge profits, infact legally they are suppose to be nonprofit.
  16. hey i tried calling you a few times, i left a message each time...but you never returned my call!! so i just figured you didnt wanna call back?
    and i thought you would have....i went there probly atleast once a week, i might not have bought the biggest sacks...but i thought i was a consistant customer

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