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My little stash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ZnOT, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Here it is, what do you think about it?


    Enviado desde mi 2014811 mediante Tapatalk
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  2. Not much of a stash but I like the colors :)
  3. That isn't even a stash bro
  4. Is the stash behind your hand?
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  5. Looks like a single gram but quality. For sure
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  6. I'd smoke it looks good what's it smoke like?
  7. It's good, and I love the smell of it in particular, I've had mj who smelled worse and mj who smelled a lot more than this.

    This is, however, the best smelling weed I've had, I would use it to make my house smell good haha.

    Seems like quality shit, is sativa.

    I'll smoke it tomorrow in a party, and definitely tell you guys what it was like.

    Oh, I had 2 more grams but those are for my friends, I just showed my weed haha.

    Enviado desde mi 2014811 mediante Tapatalk
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  8. thats not a stash, thats basically weed lint. nothing to see here, move along.....

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