my little salvi experience

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  1. edit title:thats salvia

    because i feel like sharing:wave:

    i did it a couple days ago with the only real affect being a laughing fit

    but a little while ago, i decided to chew 4 leaves for about 15 minutes and then smoke 7 leaves.
    almost instantly i had the most "stoned" feeling ive ever had. i sat down on my couch and figured that that would be about it, but i was incorrect. within the next few minutes i started to see vivid colors in the shape of skyscrapers towering above me with some blue blob animal in between them who was watching me making sure i stayed good. (i know, what?) then i saw thousands of tiny little men dancing around me. the whole time i would bob in and out of sobriety, and whenever i would,i would catch myself talking to my fan or something. it all lasted a good 20 minutes.

    what i think is weird is that whenever i hear someone talking about a salvia experience, they always say they left the room, but all this was happening in my room around me, i was very aware it was because of the salvia.

    all in all, it was an interesting experience and i intend to do it again soon.

    thanks for reading
  2. hell yeah salvia is pretty cool shit.
  3. I smoked salvia for the second time friday and again on saturday. The part that really stands out is that I feel my hands and my face pulsating. Does it matter that I just torched it with a normal bic lighter, not a butane torche?
  4. i got that pulsating too

    as for the lighter, if you use a normal one you just need to hold the flame directly on the leaves the entire hit so the salvanorin is released. this only happens at high temperatures. its recomended to use a torch with plain leaves because you need to smoke a lot in a short amount of time compared to a little with extract.
    like i said, it took 7 leaves to get where i got, and the trips can go further.

    this is what ive read.
  5. Ive done salvia a couple of times and most of the time I just feel really really high but the last time I did it the trip was amazing. My friends were playing video games at the time and one of the characters was sitting next to me and I was talking to him. It was so realistic too. I hope all my next trips will be as fun as this one.

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