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Discussion in 'General' started by AtomicJim, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. I just finished the room I've been working on for the past 3 years, and I'd just thought I'd share, maybe upload some pics of it later :)

    It is just a room where friends and myself go in, drink a little, smoke a little, get a little and basically do anything.
    I've got 4 12" black lights bolted into the ceiling in a long rectangle shape, a disco ball in the middle and light show projectors mounted into the side walls - Enter the trip zone. The front is a 27" TV, $70 surround sound speakers both from walmart. A $30 DVD player and my Xbox I got for christmas. 2 leather lazy boy recliners from our grocery/superstore place, a 3 seater couch and love seat. Behind all the entertainment is my families antique pool table and dart board. Next to all of this wonderful stuff is a little table and 2 chairs, my little rolling & grinding area, with nothing but black lights of course. Secretly carved into the table is a little port that holds roughly 4 completely stuffed ziploc bags of our mary jane :)

    I've been doing this little room since I was 15, and NOW ITS FINALLY DONE. Shit wait, I have to move everything for college after next year :( rofl

    Suprising how little you can spend from grocery store earnings and make a nice little place :D
  2. just ordered a blacklight leaf poster :) its gonna be insane :D
  3. My friend built his own proper bar, which took 2 months. Hes got the same aclohol as any other bar but for way cheaper, gonna start selling joints aslwell. Has a chill out/ stoner room aswell. and nice speaker system.
  4. that sounds sweet, im wating till i get my own place to make a room like that, i think im gunna design it tonight.....hummm......if i can make it how i want it, its gunna be sweet!
  5. Thats cool. I really had fun making my basement into the chill spot it is now...3 light ballasts which hold 2, 48" blacklights each. Red and blue cable lights around perimeter of room. 2 strobe lights on opposite corners. 2 small rotating multi-colored lights on opposite walls. A few black light posters on each wall, including a couple 3-D black light posters :D. T.V, stereo, and Surround sound which i also use to plug in my computer to play mp3's.. and everything said above controlled by a remote ;). Oh yeah.. 4 couches and 2 recliners :) :Smoke:
  6. so uhhh... wheres the bed? or do you sleep on the couch?
  7. In my bedroom :D

  8. Futon couch/fold out bed for those ever funner nights :D
  9. sonds cool, but weres the 4 footer?
  10. that sounds like a tight pimped out room.... my room has 2 black lights... disco ball.... a big ass steroe and surround sound, 48 inch tv, pink floyd, emine, weed, shrooms posters everywhere, mirror ball hanging from my ceiling, glow in the dark pot leafs, shrooms, and stars everywhere on my ceiling and walls, and a strobe light ;)....

  11. Ditto

  12. wtf i thought u were leaving the city? wtf is up with that letter u sent me?!?! lol... u r so weird;)

  13. Huh? Letter? WTF? Weird? explain...
  14. i'm very confused and pissed off by all you girls today ganging up on me, wtf have i done now!?

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