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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by deathbug, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. hi i'm a first time grower, and i planted a couple of very, very old seeds about four months ago in some vain attempt to make something happen, although it didn't look altogether promising.
    anyways, four months on from the time i planted, one plant has appeared, although it is only about twenty-five centimetres tall (nine and a half inches, or something) and although i have been growing it outdoors in the sun, the leaves on it are very scant and few and far between.
    i am also currently trying to determine the sex of my plant, although a friend reckons that it is most likely a female given the fact that "it hasn't started sprogging everywhere". i am completely in the dark about the entire issue, but primarily i'd really like to know if there is something majorly, majorly wrong with my little darling ....
    n.b. i've also heard, just as a point of interest, that feeding the pill to marijuana plants can induce the plant to become a female - is this true, and if so ..... what kind of dosage is required, and what is safe?
    please forgive my ignorant and somewhat redundant questions on the basis that i'm a first time grower and at this stage am only eighteen
    but i would really appreciate it if some kind, nurturing soul with a bit of experience in the area could answer a couple of my questions .....
  2. im trying to get a pill.. to see if yeild doubles the
  3. lol at the " pill " , get feeding the poor thing and give it some sun...its all the little guy/gal needs

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