My Little Plant In The Window.

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  1. i decided to post my journal here because all of the indoor journals involved lighting and i think it would be better to post it here.
    so this is my plant at about 2 weeks old. 
    i will be re potting it soon in a nice pot with some good soil.
    P1000307.JPG P1000308.JPG P1000309.JPG

  2. I thought I would share some pictures on the plants progress 5 days from the last update. I re potted it in some decent soil and a larger pot so it should be fine or a while now. there is a crappy leaf so I am thinking about trimming it of when its bigger but it has lots of healthy new shoots coming off it which is great.
    P1000310.JPG P1000311.JPG P1000312.JPG P1000313.JPG P1000314.JPG
  3. Glad to see you are growing, it is a very fun experience. I did notice in your pictures that you are using a stick to hold up your plant right now. It seems to me that your plant did alot of stretching at one point because of the white stem at the bottom, and the dead embryonic leaves at the bottom. When you replant, make sure to bury the white stem up until the dead leaves at the bottom. This will allow the plant to not break or fall over under stress from weight of the leaves, and eventually buds. Good luck with your grow, and also try to keep the lights directly over the top of the plant because the plant will lean towards the light to collect lumens. :smoke:
    thank you very much for the advice really appreciate it, when i re potted it from the white pot to the brown pot i buried it a bit deeper and its doing great now, also the only light it is getting is the sunlight through the window. it is sad to see the big lower leaf dying and i am unsure if i should trim it or leave it.
  5. leave it on for now it fall off by itself. taking it off could accidentally cause damage to the plant
  6. this is a little update the plant is a month old now.
    P1000315.JPG P1000316.JPG P1000317.JPG P1000318.JPG P1000319.JPG
  7. i think its doing pretty well now it looks healthy and bushy, not sure if its male or female
    P1000341.JPG P1000342.JPG
  8. Looks nice and healthy, hide it under a tree or somthin to finish up in! with about a gallon of soil or in the ground!
    what will happen if i leave it like this
  10. Root bound, then you'll have trouble keeping it healthy, best bet is a cool little stash plot in the yard with like 4-5 hours of direct sunlight and topping to keep it down for a decent harvest. IMHO, you could get more than a couple ounces!

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