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my little piece

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Elem3nt, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever noticed how stoners are the best people to know? Before me and my friends started tokin.......wait i didnt have friends. I was too uptight. Now I am a very influential person in my city. ITs like the weed kicked my shyness and my distrust for people. In closing, I LUVVVVV WEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!

    P.S Im high as an apple pie!!
  2. I've always liked to hang around stoners, even before I tried weed. Stoners are such an easy going group of people. They aren't uptight like the rest of my friends. Makes it easy to just let go and relax.
  3. i have always been friends with stoners.... they are so easy going, outgoing, fun people. and now i am one of them ! yay!
  4. I'm what i guess you could call a stoner, but i'm not a "open" person. I'm easy going, but not around other people, you know? like i can talk about anything with friends (wait, i dont have friends anymore) but not around complete strangers.
  5. weed has never been a social drug for me... friends and i would smoke, but then we would end up not talking for hours or just playing video games and shit... but i enjoy that kinda shit... i can't smoke and go out to bars, etc...
  6. yeah, thats kinda what i was tryin to say. good to see i'm not the only one:)

    or is it?
  7. I started smoking socially and then later started smoking by myself. My friends here at school don't smoke and I'm not giving it up for them. Can't wait for summer when I get to see people I really like to hang out with. I go home in 10 days!
  8. like skedastik, smoking weed hasnt really made me more social but it has definately helped me put things in my life more in perspective. if i feel like breaking down the walls of inhibition, i'll start drinking or sumthin ;)

    and no, it's not just you hippie john :smoking:
  9. "Jeeesus loves the little stoners, all the stoners of the world..."
  10. yeah stoners are the best people. i agree they are really themselvs when high... gives u a higher level of seeing the world... litterally :p

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