My little indoor/outdoor babies

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Duckyx, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Just to start, im a newbie to growing. This is the 1st time.
    I had 2 babies one died my dog ate it :(
    I started like the 1st of april with her indoors. under incandescent 75w light with some organic soil/compost, then upgraded to a 300w incandescent i know bad lights,also during the day they had about 7hrs of direct sun, around 8 brought her inside for about 3 hrs of the 300wBut also around june its soil got mold and was needed to be flushed bad. So i transplanted into the ground with some new soil and mixed it with some dirt, and dug a hole and transplanted, and i dont hardly need to water its been raining. and basicly thats it. Heres my photobucket link and you can see all the pics. shes not like a big ol bush its more like its streched a little buts shes really beautiful i think for a 1st time

    Theres a little to many photos to link up.
  2. throw those damn incandescents away, they dont work. fluorescents are just as cheap.

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