My little guardian spider

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  1. Found this little guy jumping around my plants today. Such smart little critters. I watched him for a while and he was slowly walking around looking for bugs and whenever I moved to look at him he would turn and look at me (like in the pic). If he starts building webs I'll toss him outside. ;)


    Seriously tho, beneficial insects are great in certain situations. Spider mite predators, fungus gnat predators, ladybugs, even praying mantis. There are many more. Sometimes if a plant is too far infested, no amount of beneficials will catch up to the population to make a difference.

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  2. it shouldnt start making a web, i have a bunch that run around my plants, and they dont make any webs
  3. Haha my plants have a few of those guys! They dont really make webs persay, but I found a lil guy had created a zone of death for all bugs when he found a small cavity in my bud and took up residence. He didn't mean no harm and I saw his handiwork by the corpses that fell out. I just moved him back to another plant and continued with harvesting ;)
  4. sweeet spider dude!
  5. You gotta name it, man!

  6. It looks like a Sammy. Sammy the spider on mite patrol!

    I have a few sammys in my garden, along with the wasps. Predator insects are the best.

    Nice pic, op, and some +rep for your caption.
  7. keep him even if you get webs, they are good pest eaters. I have a wolf spider or two, sometimes more, in my grow room.
  8. That's an awesome little spider. Should see the one next to my dads front door, that girl is huge. Eats all the insects that are attracted to his front deck light.
  9. But what do you do if you're indoor? I'm trying to take out these mites and I can't quite tell if I'm succeeding!
  10. He looks wicked.

    I had a spider on one of my outdoor ladies(in GH) and I had to evict it. Made a web and a web tunnel into the bud. Had to pick it out :)
  11. He looks like one badass spider! Is he really that good at protecting your bud?

    Feed him up, make him nice and BIIIG, then hopefully he'll eat blues aswell!
  12. So I found a spider of my own with similar markings hanging out in my basil.
  13. Supposedly jumping spiders like that are some of the most intillegent arachnids (i always forget if theyre in that family or something closely related...). I've heard of them actually setting traps to catch less intillegent spiders, and if i remember correctly they have amazing eyesight. You probably already figured that out when he turns and looks directly at you though.

  14. Nice, I agree beneficial bugs add a cool element to growing your own...

    You got a pretty intense ecosystem going on...all levels,

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