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  1. I have about 1 3/4 by 1 3/4 feet in a closet, the kind thats built into a square room, not a walk in, jus regular. Bigger than it sounds yet still small. Is this good enough for 1 plant? I can let it grow to about 2-3 feet tall, meaning i would probably want an Indica strain or force flowering early. I have some pics of my closet and a blue print(hehe kind of). Also, I dont have the money for HPS lamps. Are there any other lighting that will do the job? Like a heatlamp that you would use on an aquarium? Or a certain kind of flourescnet? I would probably grow it in a chest/suitcase/box lined with the dull side of foil in the space. Of course I would keep a lock on the door of the box thing so no one could snoop in, and if they did i would quickly ditch the plant/lights/ and all. That would be a sad day hehe. Thanks much everyone. Please reply.
    Happy growin and tokin! The pictures in a post called "I want to grow weed but dont have space someone help" something along those lines in the indoor growing section.
  2. Hey hey smokey man.

    It looks as if you have plenty of grow space for one plant, if I am judging the ratio with that cd in the picture correctly. What kind of space you have will tell you what supplies you will be allowed to use. It loks like you could use a 3 gal. container, I dont know what the equivalent inches or dimensions would be for this. lighting space is an obvious issue, perhaps this is where compact flourescents will come in good use. hps and mh's are not absolutely neccesary to grow, so dont worry about it. esp if this is to be your first grow. you dont exactly want your parents lightbill to skyrocket to another 40 bucks a month anyway, that wouldnt be pretty. so look into compact flourescents, try and get at least 50 watts to it (thats pretty weak, more the better)

    assuming your cents per kph price is relatively lowcost (around five) and you have, lets say a total of 80 watts, running at 18 hours a day will cost you somewhere around
    $2.00 extra a month on your bill, nothing noticable.
    (KPH price x total wattage x hours of on time a day x 30 (days) = total price per month.)

    for a reflector, either paint that area white. or line it with foil (painting it white is preffered as it has very high reflective qualities)

    I germinated my seed in damp paper towel in a dark place and than planted it tip down in a coffe can size container (make sure you put drain holes in the bottom) and veged it under 40 watts of flourescent lights for a few weeks before transplanting into a five gallon bucket using a 2 soil to 1 perlite mix (she had about 4 sets of leaves when I transplanted) I also doubled the wattage and replaced the daylight bulbs with regular cool whites, this works much better. (dont use the "special spectrum plant lights", they arent all they are cracked up to be, go with cool whites.)

    anyway, hope it goes well. I dont think youll have many problems with the space you have, yes its a bit small. but we work with what we got.

    Take care.

    also, look into a scrog (, as it takes less space to produce using this method of cultivation.
  3. Hey, I belive this will work, especially if you get a cone reflector for it, I only used 80 watts, look what I got on my pictuers update thread... For 3 bucks, id try it.

    Im trying to think of a cab you could use in that space of yours..........still thinking. :)

    Take care...
  4. What does this mean though


    Keep on thinking on something I could fit in this space and could probably remain unnoticeable for a couple of months behind dresses and coats. Hehe. Thanks
  5. I dont understand all the technicalities, perhaps one of the more experienced on this site would be able to give you the details, but I believe it is the conversion rate, and that 25 watts givin to that particular light will produce the amount of lumens equal to that of a 125w light. It would be interesting to learn about this kind of thing... but untill then It makes sence Id buy it and try it, if nothing else youll have a bright reading lamp!.

    Good luck, Im still keeping in mind something for your space, and inexpensive.

    Take care.

    ps, why must it be in an enclosed box again? portability? or just to be able to discard it fast if needed?
  6. Heh, well 1. reason - Parents
    Think about this
    A 16 year old parents who never done pot/drugs/and rarely have drinks, happend to find a MJ plant growing in the closet...hehe... the words JDC and "Getting this shit kicked out of me" come to mind. Either, I can go around my subdividsion and find abbandon sheds/vacant sheds and use them, or just wait patiently till spring... hehe thanks again
    good talkin with ya
  7. Hey again.

    Yea, I think you would be wise to be as patient as possible. its not worth all the trouble that might result if ignorance gets its way, if you get me. wait till you are sure there are minimal risks, than go for it. till then, learn and read up and make your first time succesfull!.

    take care.

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