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  1. On December 30, I woke up at 1:30 PM, rolled up a J, went outside to smoke it, came back in. Then the scariest shit ever happened to me. My brother's friends came running into my house saying my bro just got hit by a car. Being a pothead I thought they were kidding. They weren't. I had no idea what to do! My little bro was just laying by the side of the road bleeding everywhere. That sight kinda ruined bud for me. I didn't like blood to begin with, but there was so much. I was high, so I was freaking out like a mofo. I cursed out two cops and an EMT because they wouldn't bring him to the hospital I wanted him to go to.
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    This doesn't make sense. Given that i'll ASSume that your brother since younger than you is under the age of 18, he'd be brought to a hospital regardless considering the MOI (Mechanism of Injury) was substantial from what you claim. I'd considering this life threatening. EMT's by law, are able to take you in under implied consent in these circumstances.

    EDIT: Woops. I just re-read what you said, "I cursed out two cops and an EMT because they wouldn't bring him to the hospital I wanted him to go to." EMT's don't have to adhere to requests, but can if applicable considering the situations.
  3. That is rough man. I hope that he will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Maybe you sir, should start reading things a little more thoroughly. He said they wouldn't take him to the hospital that he wanted them to take him to. Meaning they were taking him to a hospital that the brother didn't want him taken to.
  5. Haha. I reliezed that, and have already edited what I said.
  6. Yeah... I really hope this doesn't hurt him emotionally in the end. He's 15 , I'm 18 btw. He's a good kid, straight A's, but now he is at home all day laying around in constant pain. They wanted to take him to a hospital farther away from my house and isn't nearly as good. I wanted him taken to the Level 1 trauma center - Westchester Medical Center. They have saved so many lives of people that I know. I got the EMT to take him there. I know they aren't bound by law to do so, but I had a reasonable request with legitimate reasons and they still were bitching about it when my brother was still on the fucking ground.

    The point of this thread was that everytime I smoke I just see him over and over again...its sucks.
  7. Maybe smoke with ur brother? I mean if hes in pain a nice indica may numb it a lil.

    Thats gotta be horrible man seeing ur bro all bloody up and stuff.
  8. :eek: dude thats horrible, i have a lil bro too, and he's the best man, i'd be so pissed off if some douchebag hit him, busted the shit out of him, and then just drove off.

    Does your lil bro smoke weed? If he does, get him some of the best weed you can find, and smoke the shit out of him until he can't feel pain anymore.

    Also, did he get prescription pain meds? Sounds like he could qualify for Oxy, which would definitely help his pain. I got the stuff when i had major leg surgery, and trust me, it helps ALOT. I would go from being in cold sweats and moaning to relaxing and watching movies when i took those pills.

    If i were you i'd also help him catch up on his homework, you said he's a good student, you dont want his grades to be jeopardized like mine were. I missed 30 full school days, which is like a month and half of school, when i had my surgery, and i just couldn't recover fully, i got shitty marks in all my courses and failed one of them
  9. I wouldn't worry about his gades, the school understands im sure. The only times ive ever mde straight A's was when I was out of school for 7 weeks because i had been hit by someone high on crack when I was thirteen. Now i can't feel my leg from my knee down. Don't smoke crack.

    Good luck to him.
  10. wow man that's fucking terrible. i can't even imagine what you must have been feeling..

    so the fucking bastard pulled a hit and run?
    so much wrong with the world today

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