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  1. well, he smokes about a half pack a day of newports...oh god hes gotten ghetto...i wore dickies because i actually did labor, and worked in a trade, he wears em, half way down the ass, white tee...and hes got more fitted hats than the red sox combined...

    i drove him back, with my girl driving his car to work (her cars in the shop), and he wants to lower my truck and put a pair of 24s on it...

    im currently blaring jethro tull to see if that will up TOM PETTY...(not really, i listen to rap too...but only wu-tang and older stuff...)
  2. don't let this kid become "ganster" all that means is he is gonna have to twice the crazy shit to respect.. YOU DONT WANT THAT.. also make him quit smokin sigs.. tell him to stop wasting his money and to buy pot with that money..

  3. hes not actually a gangsta, hes not a whigger type person he doesnt act hard, but he wears the white tee, dickies, and fitted hat type look..i dont know why, but whatever, i dont care

    as for the ciggs, i told him id go in and get two packs a day, no asking for more, and i would like some pay back for it in the form of labor
  4. Go out and buy him some nice polo's, some checkered shorts and some jeans.
    I was wearing wiggery shit when I was younger then I realized how much nicer it is to dress like a normal person, now that I'm a freshman at college I'm going to wear very appropriate gear, suits at times.
  5. Keep us updated man this seems like it could be really interesting.

    You need to establish your rules though, make him understand your brothers and you love him, but if punish him, keep firm don't let up or grant him amnesty, half of the punishment is to establish dominance anyway.

    And I bet this helps you a lot when you eventually have your own child ;)
  6. Damn that sucks, I'll tell you, I was one of those kids, and the only thing that got me straight was all the trouble. Keep him in line, whatever you do, if he screws up more than twice, kick him out and tell him he can come back if he's been out of trouble.
  7. dude your rules sounds like the ritz. my parents when i was his age or around there . were strict and told me they dont approove and all this bs. none of my faimly (except my cousin and his wife . fellow stoners) understand me. only my friends really do. just accept who he is . its one thing to keep him in line and another to change him make sure you dont cross this line...
  8. britt just asked when me and her are gonna have puppies:eek:

    i figure if me and her are still together in 4 years, well get married and finish the job...

    as for the ass, hes doing alright, i think he not gonna give me bullshit, and knows that i wont take it...

    he cooked dinner last night, and read a whole book needed for school

    hes registered in school, and we got everything changed and set up

    infact he was so great, i picked of a pack of blunts last night, and decided to smoke him up a little bit, to which he thanked me tremendously, but he earned it...

    i think im in the calm before the storm im not bankin on anything...or anyone...
  9. Nah, he's acting like I would have acted or anyone else that's not a prick.
    Good job on the blunts. If he's cooking and reading, then shit..

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