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  1. Hello everyone im a new member to these forums!! Used a lot but unfortunatly it got shut down.

    I just came on to get some opinions / info. I am growing the strain skydog.. unfortunetly it didnt start out the best. I was growing at a friends house and i was going to be running 5 skydogs seeds through an aroma formula nutrient program i picked up at my local hydro store. No i am not growing hydroponics, i am using soiless. But problems came with the location of the plants and i was forced to move the plants.. i am keeping one at my house here but i only have it under a 40 watt fluorescent light. I germinated on march 1 and got it started in some rockwool.. but my friend did not take care of it properly or feed it any nutrients. I decided im gonna run it 24/0 for one more week then switch to vegetation, just wondering if you think my light will be strong enough to veg this one plant.. ive got a 400 watt HPS but my friend has it, i dont wanna hook it up now because of risk with parents. any opinions are appreciated.. im workin on throwin some pics up here but my batteries for my digital camera are charging at the moment. Thanks a lot!
  2. I'm just worried because the stem on my plant is quite small and stringy looking.. i wanna get some pics up here but i cant find my damn battery charger.. my sister lost it somewhere.
  3. Okay i finally got some pics! tell me what you guys think.. im really worried about the size of the stem.. I germinated this seed on March 1 and got it in rockwool.. but it all went downhill because i thought i could trust my friend to feed it and keep lights on but he never.. im running it 24/0 for this week then next saturday switching to veg.. what do you guys think? sorry dunno how to upload pics properly..
  4. Looks fine.
    Definitely get a fan on that thing. It will strengthen the stem. See if you can get that 400 watt hps and figure out a way to prevent light from leaking out so that it is stealth.
  5. yeah the stem is alright and yes a fan..

  6. How does a fan strengthen the stem?
  7. just like a muscle builds a muscle...... the tissues are damaged and the surrounding organ works rapidly to repair ... generally "filling" a tear with new fiber then layering it for strength.....
    every little jostle from the fan creates a small amount of damage that is rapidly repaired.... dont put too much wind... more of a subtle breeze that just makes her dance a little...
  8. ok i got ya Looks like my little girls can use a fan to then

    will this also make the stem thicker??
  9. sweet thanks everyone for the help. I've got a fan hooked up right now, but the thing that im worried about is that i can only run it when im home that way my parents dont go in my room and here the buzzing noise the fans letting off.. but i can run it from like 3:30 pm - 8am .. but while im at school im gonna have to turn it off.. do you think this will be fine? or should i always be keeping it on 24/7 ? Also i hope this fluro is strong enough for a little while.. i gotta make it really stealth, so im gonna wait a week or so until i get that HPS on it. I'd love to hear some opinions or suggestions :) thanks a million!
  10. 24/7 is ideal for the fan, 18/6 will be fine.
  11. ends up that fan bent the shit outta my plant:( im worried.. i moved it around so the light can hit the other side and it turned towards the light but its really bent.. any suggestions?
  12. Hey, first off 24/0 is vegetative stage so is 18/6. I read somewhere here (forgot the thread) but they say oscillating fans do more harm then good, I just removed my fan and it seemed plants got alot healthy before my leaves were all wrinkly and droopy well I removed the fan and 8 hours later the plants all perked back up and the wrinkles in the leaves straighten themselves out, I wont use another oscillating fan again, the guy who did the thread swears by it and I agree. I got stalks bigger then my little finger and all I do is blow on them some and my exhaust and intake fans generate enough breeze to make them wiggle a bit (dancing). Also I believe genectics play a role as well, got strong genectics got a strong plant. Oh and if you do use the fan turn it down to low speed , sounds to me you had a tornado going on.
  13. wasnt a tornado at all. Made sure the fan was not directly blowing on the plants.. they were just dancing a bit. It looks like the stems thickening up but it just bent a bit and im just a little concerned about it.
  14. Dude. Don't aim the fan directly at it; especially now since it has gone this far with no breeze. Have the fan blowing by it gently for a while until it strengthens up. Oscillating fans should be fine.
  15. Ok good
    Keep rotating the plants around.
    Should be ok.

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