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My lips are going purple

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Byakuugan, May 4, 2011.

  1. this can't be good...

    i noticed past few months lips darkening...

    is this reversible?

    Can't have my good looks going to waste :cool::smoke:
  2. haha i wish i wasnt too high to put that friday verse up. its from smokin your black right? not to be offensive mang.^ this dude makin its sound like you were gonna die.
  3. its happened since i started smoking weed more often.

    I'm not gonna quit weed, because that's just riduculous...

    do you guys use chap stick or just drink a lot of water
  4. hey Byak, you really ought to consider getting that checked into. Could be a circulatory issue. You experiencing anything else, cold finger tips, anything similar in your toes, shortness of breath, feeling colder that usual?
  5. hey, nah i feel fine.. i thought it was related to smoking

  6. do you smoke blunts? this "discoloration" could be from all the extra tar that comes from blunt raps. I think theres a thread on this, should check it out...
  7. I thought that was just a myth about black people smoking blunts.
  8. Just go check it out, simple.
  9. You should go to your obgyn if your lips r turning purple lol sorry couldn't help it
  10. this shits funny its def from smokin. my homey shits is bad like that. just maybe try a bubbler or somthing man. def blunts make it way worse but i dont really think there is a cure or w/e.

  11. :rolleyes:
  12. Have you guys ever heard of a blue waffle? I think that's what she's talking about :-X

  13. I lol'd at your response

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