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My 'lil' Stash

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bongman, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. here is what i picked up the other day, i have smoked about 5 bongs from it so a little has been used. Does this look like quality? how much in weight do you think it is? i havent weighed it. it seems pretty potient

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  2. another pic

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  3. looks exactly like what i usually get. Id say its between 1.2-1.8 grams, id usually pay between 15-20 for a satchle like that
  4. looks like so nice Dank ..and that looks like bout a gram and a little xtra ..around here id pay 20 for it
  5. nice man looks like my normal order, happy smokes
  6. take a pic out of the bag....
  7. damn im glad you guys think it looks alright!!!

    i will try a out of bag pic but i dont want the shit to go everywhere and i loose any of it. that would make me cry!!!
  8. newbs, that looks like a 20 bag, whoopdeedoo, my normal buy would be a 40-70 bag. but looks like potential smoke.
  9. yah man looks pretty bomb to me. not sure how much it weighs though.
  10. mcdermaid
    its ur first damn post plz dunt enter our comunity and rip on sum1 who is proud of we he has got
  11. is it really dense or kinda fluffly?
  12. looks like some dank, i think like 1.5- 2 gs, from the pic id doesnt look too fluffy so i am guessing pretty close to 2 gs
  13. I'd say around 1.5 to 2 grams. I'd usually end up paying around 15 for that.
  14. looks right around a sixteenth. 15-25$

  15. thanks mate :) i am happy with it so there is not a problem!!!!

    I havent had the chance to take a photo with it out of the bag, ah well.

    im glad most think its pretty good stuff. i will prob get some other pretty good stuff within the next month so i will post then :)

    until then i smoke what i got..mmmmmmmm
  16. the more red hairs the better it is, does it basially fall apart when you touch it, if so its some dank ass weed
  17. Along with everyone else i'd say you got a good bag. Only thing better from where i am is i am getting bags like that for $10. It's great.Happy tokin.
  18. Damn im happy i live in holland, a bag like that is about 5 euro's where i'm from, i feel bad for you guys
  19. looks like a good dub of dank id say about 1.7-2 grams. doesnt look to fluffy hope it burns nice and slow.

  20. damn dude, i get 20 a gram normally, if i buy it single. but i pay a buck a 1/4, and its damn good dank.

    looks good though, a nice chillin weekend sack ;)

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