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  1. I have a 300 w led work light with 5000k daylight coming off of it. Then I have 4 100w cfl with 6500k daylight. 4 plants about 2 weeks old. Not growing extremely fast but they all look good. Do I need more light and if so how much more cfl?

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  2. sweet dude, you got two mutants! 3 leafs at frist. problem i dont think is your lighting. i believe its your soil. what are you using? are you giving nutes? (hope not)
    how far are the lights?
  3. Depends on how many plants you're going to bring up under those lights. The serious importance of lighting comes for the flowering cycle. During veg, as long as you've got them covered with enough wattage of CFLs to cover all the plants you have going, you'll likely be OK. But when it comes time for flowering the plants, the need for lighting depends on how many plants you'll attempt to run at once. Most try to flower too many plants with not enough light. Take the time to read up on lighting in general and get a realistic idea of how many plants you can flower with one lamp. We run 4, 1000 watt HPS in each flower room and flower 2 plants under each light for a total of 8 to fill the room. You'll harvest more weight per plant by not crowding up a bunch of plants and giving each plenty of space to spread so light can penetrate the canopy during flower. Less plants and more light gets you the best weight. As far as the LEDs go, they're generally very small bodied lights and don't cover much sq. footage so it typically takes more LEDs for several plants than it would HPS because they do have some reflectivity built into their design. But again, browse through threads related to lighting and get a better idea of what you're going to need. You should be OK with the CFLs unless the plants get too many in number and too large for what you have to cover them well. Lighting is the most important element of the indoor grow...but it's the flower cycle that really matters. Best of luck to you. TWW
  4. I'd say you have plenty of light for now. See how they are staying short and not stretching to reach more light. I'd say it's developing its roots right not and that is why you are not seeing any upper growth. Give it a couple of days and you will see more top growth. Personally I'm not a big fan of led I think led is better for keeping clones alive. That's just my opinion though.
  5. Watch out for spidemites. The right one with the lower leaves spotted is the sign for them

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  6. Nice dude, what does it mean to have a mutant? Good or bad? And when I say led I don't mean full spectrum led it's just a daylight colored worklight but uses led technology and stays cool. Not giving any nutes until the cotyledons fall off, I'm using fox farms ocean forest.
  7. The lights are about 2-4 inches from each plants leaves, no heat issues. The roots are growing out of the bottom of the small cups they are in now, does this mean it's close to time to transplant them?
  8. Update. 1 of 3 plants died when my light fell on it. Prettiest one too. Moved two to bigger pots and one still in the small until it shows some growth. All fox farms ocean forest soil. Letting them sit outside overnight to rest from the transplant then back on to light tomorrow morning.

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