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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YourLocalGrower, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Alright so i Hear that in veg state my plant should be recieving about 6700k and when it starts to flower around 2700k . i cant find any cfls in my area that have 6700k so what about this having a 2700k cfl and a 4100k on at the same time throughout veg and flowering (i herd this can be benificial)

    This will be my first plant so alot of questions haha
  2. :wave:I guess that would be fine but you can get .6500ks at walmart,lowes,home depo. the more bulbs and lumens and k put off determines you plant growth. 2700k is used for flowering but you can still use it on your plant , but dont make it your only bulb have a couple lol more light = higher yields !:smoke:
  3. 6500k CLFs are like 18$ or more less than 23$. Some where in that range depending where your from.
  4. thanks man im thinkin a couple more lights from what i read i didnt kno if you could go overboard on the light
  5. ;)lol no you cant.. but each light bulb is in a different light spectrum therefore what would make sense buy every bulb 2600k -through- 6500k that would get the whole light spectrum lol that would be crazy.. i wonder how that would work that'd be awesome cause your plant would be getting a whole light spectrum therefore its going to grow like its under sunlight or better.. that would be a crazy large yield for a plan:eek:t.... now thats a lot of bud!:smoke:
  6. thats a great idea mate i think ill do that !!

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