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  1. It's like Christmas morning! I woke up at noon not expecting my UPS package since they usually come later in the day and it was delivered! But the box was banged up pretty bad.

    I opened it, inside the box, was another box, not so banged up, and inside that box, were more boxes that were perfectly fine.

    Everything in the boxes were good, except my HPS bulb (son of a bitch), had some glass piece on the inside just moving around. Called the company, they replacing it for free, but still, I needed the HPS bulb, my buddy is dropping one off tomorrow to let me borrow for then.

    I figured MH would be fine for now, right? Or is it better using my cfls? I just figure 600w of MH is better than 100w of 2700k cfl

    I did better safe than sorry and have the light about 2 ft up from those. I figure that's alright, since it can't hurt for these bushy things to stretch a bit.

    Watchya think? I'm so happy, they're already perking up more after that picture

    And yes i have air movement in there (oscillating fan.) when the picture was taken i had JUST turned it on without setting anything up

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  2. Congratulations! But you may want to either lower your light or raise up your plants. The light looks pretty far away in your pictures, and when that's the case, the plant can stretch to reach the lights and then become too weak to hold itself up.
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    will mh**be alright?
  4. any opinions?
  5. maybe raise your lights like we said your gonna stretch your plants to much
  6. Yea MH will be fine. Are you sure you had pieces of glass inside the bulb? I think most bulbs come with some loose material inside. Not sure it's glass though. Even my $89 hortilux has some material inside. Works as it should though.

  7. I'll show you the pics I sent them. I mean I tried the MH bulb, screwed it in, fired right up. Turn off ballast, plug in HPS, turn on, nothing. unscrew hps, plug mh back in, works fine.

    and heres my babies now, they're about 14-15" from light, maybe too far but they're small plants with 600w, im not trying to burn hem.

    I think she's responding quite nicely :) Just fed em again too, with nute water

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  8. the plants are lookin good! are you going to make a more permanent location for them or keep them in the brown room? jw

  9. Not too sure if for this grow, but definitely the second. I'm building my own box outta plywood and 2x4's. Then gonna make a scrog with some pvc pipe. Is the brown really bad? I just figured 600w in that small space will make up for the bad reflection temporary..

    oh, and i woke up an hour after the lights should be on, the whole room was dead. I popped a breaker (luckily i wasn't gone long). Would that extra hour of darkness affect the flowering stage? I've been stressing it way too much.

    uploading pics in a min
  10. i went down for pictures, and the son of the bitch popped again!

    my leaves are looking dry and shitty. this sucks

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  11. also is it regular for an hps bulb to make a slight buzzing noise while running. My MH bulb doesn't, but my friend gave me his from an old grow.
  12. fucking thing popped again. why would the hps pop the breaker but not a mh, bad bulb? im trying it in a whole different room socket, if it pops. its the bulb
  13. use mh for veg and hps for flower !
  14. no the brown is not good but not bad either. i didnt mean to come off wrong but i was just interested.. yeah you really need to know all about your kelvins 2700k for flower and 6500k for veg/ growth. i would get if you can a whole new socket for your hps so no more breaker problems.
    also about your plywood grow box be careful remember you might need to get rid of that quick someday i recommend some 2x2 and black plastic and either paint it flat white or mylar it either way you can roll it up and throw it ou but it will still hold up really well. sorry to be a type nut on recommends but no one else wants to chat so i shall lol
  15. Yeah, i just had the wrong bulb cause my HPS was DOA. I am in flowering though, almost two weeks. No signs of sex probably cause all the stress and interupted light cycles.

    But no man, i appreciate any pointers or criticism, im looking to learn, i know very little

    you think it'd be the socket? i mean its a brand fucking new kit, i just plugged it in yesterday. The MH didn't pop the bulb at all, i even put it down to 75% on the HPS and still blew
  16. huh im not too sure for those kinda lights im new to growing too and ive only used cfl but so far good results. lol sorry i didnt realize that you were tryin to flower im going to grow mine up a bit more before i switch my lights
  17. Had the light plugged into a whole different room (circuit) and no pop. Probably because the A/C and light were plugged into the same room.

    And yeah, i started them in a dresser is why they're so small, wasn't expecting to order an hps/mh kit, just a spur of the moment (with research of course) but figure in the end it's a money making light :p
  18. popped again.

    the light was off for an hour and a half during the on cycle, did i just fuck up my plants and possibly hermie them?
  19. how many amps is that light pulling? 400w shouldn't be more than 5 amps. what else do you have running on that circuit? check out all the devices and see how many amps each is pulling. 15amp circuits will trip at 85% load.
  20. havent checked it for amps, but im running it at 600w. i recentnly just ran a longer grounded extension cord into another room. no more problems :)

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