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  1. So, pretty much I've basically given up.. It's taken years for me to finally do it, but I've gone through so much shit that I cannot handle it. In the past 3 years of my life. I lost a best friend, I lost a year long girlfriend, I lost my mom, and then I lost another girl I was so madly in love with that I was with for a year and 3 months. I have recently found out I have a stomach ulcer from to much stress. I have nobody to talk to, and keeping my feelings bottled up kill me. I also have clinical depression, which I've been fighting for several years. I wish I had a girlfriend to take my mind off the horrible things I go through, except no girls seem to incredibly interested. The only thing I have is Jane, my friends, and my immediate family (whom I'm not very close to anyways). I smoke daily, several times a day. It helps a lot with the mental shit, but it's just become overwhelming recently. There was really no point in reading this besides the fact that I wanted to get out my feelings. Thank you for slightly caring.
  2. Let me just not be a dick; stop smoking.
  3. Although it may seem permanent, this too will pass.

    -last night jeopardy
  4. Somebody has it worse than you. Honestly, if I went ahead and went through with what my feelings were telling me to do when I was younger, I would have missed out on a lot of special things. I would have never met my girlfriend, my newborn baby sister, my other newborn baby niece, my stupid dog lol; there's just so many things that could happen in a short amount of time, regardless of how things were going. Keep on truckin' man :bongin: It only gets better.
  5. You should start a blog. Don't keep it bottled-up in, if it helps you talk/write about it, then go for it. Just remember you are better off many other people who have it much worse. Things will improve as long as you believe they will.

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