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  1. Btw Sorry to bring such depression to the forum, and i picked this thread because i figured it was have mature and helpful people in it. Ive been feeling so shit lately, i feel like ive got nothing to look forward to, and that the happy part of my life has ended. I have a loving family and i feel so selfish. I wonder if weed has anything to do with it sometimes, its great and all, but when i think of old memories when i was a kid it was all about having a genuine fun and laguhter and being with true friends, now i just feel like the only thing i have to look forward to is my next smoke.. anyone got any advice for me..?
  2. Take away from yourself the one thing you look forward to.  It will be challenging and seem hopeless, but sooner or later you'll see what things in your life actually bring you happiness.
    I'm getting old and busted myself, so I can empathize.  A lot of the things I want seem like missed opportunities, but I can't let the past rule me.  I try not to think of the past as something that has slipped away.  I try to think of it as the core of an onion which is always growing new layers.  It's still there, and I only lose it if I let it go.  Some things are good to let go, but if there is anything good that you want to keep, you don't have to let it fade.  It can be surprising the kind of trouble I can still get into, and yet at the same time I've got things happening that I couldn't have done earlier in life. 
    You are the author of your life, so tell the tale like you'd want to read it and resist the notion that the better parts of it are behind you.
  3. Time for a T-break I think.  :eek: 
    Now, it may sound odd having just said you have nothing to look forward to but your next smoke, for me to say don't have it for a while. But your life only seems to suck right now, and you sound like someone who's been smoking a lot, possibly everyday for some time. Time to experience life in normal consciousness, not escape it further. You say you can't see a future, you will. MJ is a tool to be used not abused. As Alan Watts once said - when you get the message it's time to hang up the phone. I'm not saying you can't ever make another call, just stop talking for while. Clear your head. Go for a walk in the woods. If you're having doubts about MJ, and I feel you are, listen to them for a moment.
    Some people use MJ to help with depression, but others need to let it go to release it. Give it a try for at least 3 days, preferably a week. Find things to do that you don't usually do, perhaps avoid hanging out with other tokers if you otherwise would. Get into nature with the family or friends. Get on a bike. Go for a run. Eat well. Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. Let us know how you're doing. Use this thread as a diary/journal, if you like. You need us, we're here.
  4. Thank you both, ive let gym, running and cycling slip a little bit, i think its time to get back out and smell the fresh air :)
  5. There is a lot more to life then just that however its human nature to do what feels good so shit can be rough as hell sometimes, need to get out there and gain some perspective for yourself so you can enjoy your life more! I had some issues i put off for years that music helped bring out and i have gained a perspective i never thought i would have as a result, life changes quick so..Just enjoy it while you can! 

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