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my life sucks once again

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. awhile back when i was goin out wit this other chic her mom found out i smoked and kinda banned me from seein her daughter anymore and it sucked... well i got this new gf and her mom liked me and everything, knew i went to rehab and she was cool with that, but on the overdose before i went to rehab i guess i kinda snapped on my gf (not in person or anythin, it was online) cuz i thought she was someone else, i was to high to know neway.... well recently my girls mom found out about y her daughter was all upset for a couple weeks awhile back and now once again i am banned from seein my god damn girlfriend, although i havent really even been doin drugs anymore...

    kinda makes me think fuck it, me doing hardly any drugs is gettin the same fuckin effect as me goin crazy eatin 60 pills a day, my life is stupid as hell, y cant people jus forget about yesterday, i mean if my gf doesnt care about it anymore because i dont act like taht, y should her mom hold it against me like i upset her all the time......

    fucking FUCK!

  2. Did you think of, maybe, not doing any drugs? I mean, smoking the wonderful herb is never wrong in my opinion but it obviously wasn't that that caused your problems. If you really want to solve this problem make sure you really have your shit together and go talk to her mother personally. Stay calm, and don't snap on her no matter what, even if she snaps on you (in fact you may want to let her blow some steam). If you care about this girl try to do the most mature thing at any given moment, even if no one's watching.

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