My life planned out, full proof? :P

Discussion in 'General' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Me and my buddy are going to go to photography school in Santa Monica and be photographers for side jobs (such as sometimes getting good snaps for thrasher magazine) for extra cash and a full time job.

    Once college is done we are buying an apartment in Santa Monica/Venice and each of us will pay half of all the payments needed. Then we will get medical marijuana licenses and have all the bud we want, after we pay expenses and what not.

    I'll figure out the rest later, such as getting married and all that jazz.

    full proof? :p
  2. nothing is fool proof. but if this satisfies you then good for you.
  3. How old are you, man?

    How are you gonna make money being a photographer? You got that planned out thoroughly?
  4. i wouldnt say full proof.

    nothin ever is.

    you just gotta go with the flow.

    goodluck my friend.
  5. ohh the ambitions of a young person. Just wait till you actually live a little and you'll realize nothing will go as planned
  6. sounds fool proof man fool prooof!
  7. fool proof?

    nah, every hipster/indie kid/hot girl in the world is a photographer.
  8. i thought my plan of growing marijuna for my life was fool proof then a friend got pulled over for his first time with some marijuana and instantly sniteched me out and got my house raided
  9. Uhhh no that couldnt be further from fool proof

  10. Uhh
    I'm sure Thrasher has plenty of professional photographers, and aren't looking for someone to "sometimes get good snaps"
  11. We're bein real with you, no one is hatin on you
  12. Why do you keep saying we? Never include others in your ambition.

    What happens if you two get into an argument? He fucks your bitch? You fuck his bitch?
  13. What's that quote...uh...Life is the thing that happens in between the plans you make.

    Your map may become utterly useless while sailing the seas of life.
  14. If you guys are talking about being real Casper mine aswell not have posted that. lol.
  15. What happens if your buddy changes his mind?
  16. Shit happens Turtle.

    You have no real friends in life.

  17. You have so much knowledge philosiraptor!


  18. Thank you. I was in Ap classes throughtout high school and excelled in all of them, excluding Calculus, which I got a B- in. I tried to turn in extra credit when I knew I was going to get less than a B+ I even did some favors for my teacher :)ey:) but there was nothing I could do even though I aced the final. Well college went real great I went to an accredited Ivy League school graduated with a weighted 4.2 gpa and majored in Rocket Science with a minor in Janitorial Sciences but anyways it'll be Dr. Raptor to you buddy:poke: when I go back to get my P.H.D in the fall where I'll be studying abroad in Iowa.

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