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Discussion in 'General' started by mylifeisstoner, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. greetings fellow stoners!

    I've been working on a side project while blazed recently, and today am proud to launch!

    you know, for all those stoner moments... I will be adding comments, images, and more over the next few weeks.

    come help us get is started!
  2. Should be "Dank" instead of "good"

    Ehh, I dont know what to say of the site though. :confused_2:
  3. sounds like you need so smoke a bowl.. of good haha
  4. Good idea, except it kinda feels like a Twitter.
  5. yeah it's kinda like twitter i guess

    it's more like a stoner version of my life is bro.. but without the frat douchebags lol

  6. [ame=]Trololol 8bit cover [request] - YouTube[/ame]
  7. troll? i mean i'll admit it is kind of spam... i can (re)move the post if it's against the rules

    just trying to spread the word
  8. we now have comments and images!
  9. This thread looks better... concentrate on this thread ;)
  10. Or just the site in general.
  11. idky but i hate the word "stoner"

  12. thanks man, I'm working on it. let me know if you have any suggestions

    in the mean time, anyone have bong pics that they'd like to share?

    (image upload should work from smartphones too)
  13. there are already sites like this so whats the point?
  14. yeah sounds exactly like

  15. hey, it keeps his mind occupied.

    more weed i can buy
  16. Not really a suggestion. More of a statement.

    Grass City is the best Online Marijuana site ever.

    Stay here and ignore other sites.

  17. wat. we did not discuss this.
  18. Don't upload anything from your phone, it can be traced
  19. ah the brutality of the internet... lol I love how many people there are out there that have nothing better to do than spend their time on something they don't like

    my site does not compete with grasscity one bit. if you don't like it, find something better to do

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