My life is screwed up !

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  1. Hi G.C havent posted here in a while and this is whats been happening in my sad life i have.

    Three years ago i met this wonderfull girl called louise and instanly thought she was the right one and we would settle down together and have a nice home with children and all the rest of it.

    The first two years were awsome and we couldent get enough of each other just like in most relationships but the third year was totaly different.

    I still live at home with the perents at the moment but have just set up my own heating and plumbing business because im a qualified plumber and heating enginer and because im putting all the monney into my business account to get things up and running louise says she is depressed because we never go out

    Anyway... the past year and two months the relationship has gotten worse and worse to the point it can get worse anymore and the main reason for this is the cocain habbit i got about a year into the relationship and i think this is the main reason why were not together now.

    Me and louise have fallen out of love as she says and i think its the 100% end of our time together as a couple.

    I realy dont need this at this stressfull time in my life and feel like my life is as low as it can get.

    Ps I Have stoped the cocaine snorting and am trying to get my life back toghether.

    Sorry if tihs storie had bored you in anyway but i just need to get it off my back and chat to someone about the situation i am in.

    Thanks for reading G.C.

    Any replies would be gteatfull at this time.

    Thanks again peece.

  2. Moving on will be hard, but there are more fish in the sea as they always say. :cool:

    I hope your business works out, keep toking. :smoking:
  3. Yeah man i just say smoke some ganja get that business going and find a new girl. Just move on don't dwell to much on the past.
  4. if i were you and you loved her, drop the coke, try to gain her back.
  5. Dude, I'm sorry but stop doing cocaine (which I saw you did, that's the first step). I could understand if she was pissed at you smoking but if she is complaining that you are never going out and you are putting it up your nose then you already know the answer to your problems.

    Then go back to her and show her the person you are. You guys obviously have something going for you by becing together for 3 years, 2 of them being good. If everything doesn't work out then you can treat the next girl like a queen. Learn from your mistakes man worst case scenario you are cleaned up and a business owner and girls love that stability. In any event, good luck with your business, and good job stopping cocaine.
  6. Word. Get that business poppin' and stack some paper. I'm pretty sure you can find another girl to fall in love with. Until you meet her, there's always mary jane.
  7. It sounds like you're having a tough time of it bro, just remember that we all have ups and downs but the key is the lessons we take away from them. Cocaine isn't conducive to a healthy relationship by any stretch of the imagination, so kudos for kicking it to the curb.

    My advice: before you go into the next relationship take some time to heal and examine who you are as an individual. Many people take so little time to do this and quickly move on to the next available person, sadly, they also take their personal issues in tow with them, thereby insuring another failure. There are so many more things worse than being alone. The end of a relationship is often a sad and solemn occasion, but it's also a time that can yield a great deal of personal insight if you're willing to listen through the heartache to the hope. [Take some time for you.]

    I wish you the best of bro, and remember that when the time is right, trust yourself completely.

    Stay green.
  8. If thats the girl then dont just let her get away. You need to change your attitude and shape up and get your priorities straight.

    Drop the yay. Get the girl.
  9. Thanks for all the good advice guys its greatly appreciated.

    As i said in my first post the cocaine has gone for good out of my life and my main goal is to open this business.

    Louise has well gone now even though i still love her there realy is nothing that will get her back.

    I just need to concentrate on getting my life back in order and all should be fine.

    Thanks again for you replys G.C.

    Peece and speek soon.


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