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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by griffin3141, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. So this bitch ass mom of a friend of mine looked at his phone record because she was suspicious of him, and she checked all his texts, which had some very incriminating stuff about me in them. Anyways, she sends her son off to Utah to straighten his life out (he was failing out of school), and tells EVERYONE everything she knows about me. Every drug I\'ve ever used, all that shit. She even tells my high school (one of the best in the state).

    Now I have never done drugs to escape reality, I actually look at them methodically from a scientific perspective, but now my parents think I am a total druggie and completely depressed. I have to go see a specialist on drug abuse, and I have a pretty good chance of getting shipped off to rehab for 6 months to a year (No, I\'m not 18, they can do that). I am a straight A student at probably one of the top 3 private schools in the state, I am in tons of activities, and until now I was pretty much set to go to any college I wanted to. Now my advisor knows about all this shit, and all the parents at the school are gossiping.

    Well that\'s pretty much my rant, my life as I knew it or hoped it was going to be is over. The really funny thing...I have never wanted to use drugs to escape reality until now. And I REALLY want to. Everyone I know who has gone into rehab comes out so much worse than when they went in. I hear about how they are constantly depressed and w/o hope, eating orange peels to get a buzz.

    Honestly, I have such high standards for myself that if I don\'t go where I\'ve always dreamed of, I will probably end up a pennyless hippy.

    Sorry I just had to rant...I\'ve been crying over this for a few hours now.

    If I go to rehab, I will probably lose all hope in life. Maybe Hunter S. Thompson was right and financial security is a underisable goal, and I should do what truly makes me happy. I just don\'t know.
  2. Nah, just a bump in the road.
    Who the fuck cares, you only have one life to live.
    Fuck those assholes if they want to get you down.
    Just do whatever you feel like.
  3. Ok, well tell your parents all this. Tell them that you could easily balance your life, get straight A\'s participate in activities and still smoke. I don\'t know, just make sure you don\'t go to rehab. Volunteer drug tests or something. Staying on your path is worth stopping smoking for 6 motnhs or a year.

    Like the dude above me said fuck all of them. Once you get out of high school you will not see most people again and when you do you\'ll be doing better than they are.

    I\'m pretty sure most of them are just jealous you were able to pull it all off anyway.
  4. Your friend\'s mom is a total bitch. I agree with you there. But you also have to look at this situation through YOUR mom\'s eyes. I\'m sure the texts were taken completely out of context, but it\'s up to you to make sure she understands the truth. Explain each text to her, individually, and explain to her why you tried every drug you\'ve tried. Explain to her that it was out of pure curiosity and experimentation, and that you would have stopped had you felt that they were affecting your life in any way. Tell her that you are telling the truth, swear to her, and like the poster above me said, offer to take weekly drug tests instead of rehab. Above all, don\'t just tell her that you\'re not what you appear to be, SHOW HER. Keep up the good work in school, dude, you\'re going to love your life later on if you do. Don\'t let this mishap become what you think it is, take what you have, and manipulate the situation into something you can deal with.

    You could even write a letter to the administration at your school, explaining that you messed up by doing drugs, but that you\'re not an addict, and you were doing them purely for experimentation and out of curiosity. Explain to them that everyone\'s a bit curious about drugs, and even go as far as asking them if THEY\'VE ever tried drugs. You\'d be surprised at the things you could do with this situation simply by using your social skills. I\'ve pulled myself out of some tight situations with some fast thinking and charisma, though nothing like this, I\'m sure that if I can do it, you can at least make things better for yourself, if not completely turn this around.

    Either way, good luck. Don\'t let it get you down, take what life throws at you and deal with it. Whether it be changing it or crying in a corner, deal with it one way or another. Cheers.
  5. You have to be 18 to be here griffin :wave:
  6. i lov ethe bye bye smiley lolz
  7. Me Too:wave::hello::smoke::D
  8. Poor kid.
    I hope everything works out for him.
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