My life is fucked

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  1. So a few years back I met this girl that I thought was really hot and was like :cool: There was a carnival in town so I asked her if she wanted to go with me. We went, and I realized that this girl is who I've been looking for my whole life. Needless to say I was ecstatic and I decided I was going to ask her out. Then I found out she had a boyfriend and I swear I could feel my heart rip into small pieces and fall into my stomach. The worst part of this is that I started thinking and realized that she was way too far out of my league, I had no friends; I was a nerd who hung out at the library and talked about computers all the time. Even if she didn't have a boyfriend she would never go out with me. I went into a state of depression and wanted to kill myself even though I knew that it would be the most stupid suicide ever. Soon, though, I got tired of not being good enough for anybody and decided to change my life up completely. Fast forward 3 years to where I am now, Everybody I go to school with knows my name. People I don't even know will come up and try to talk to me like they've known me for years, even the most "popular" kids in my school. Everybody says I'm a badass and everybody wants to hang out with me. I don't think there is a single person in my high school who doesn't know my name. Ironically enough, after switching my entire life around just to be a part of the crowd, I don't want it. I'd rather be alone than hang out with people, I have to ignore calls from people all the time because everybody wants me to hang out with them and I don't want anything to do with them, even though they're really cool people. The only reason I made myself popular is to get that girl, and guess what? We're friends. She pretty much flat out told me that she can't think of me as any more than just a friend. Now I feel like I've been living a lie the past few years and hate myself even more than when I was a complete dork. Sorry for the long read, I just had to get that out. What are your thoughts?
  2. smoke a blunt and chill? lol damn. fuck the "in crowd". make your own damn crowd. there's plenty of more girls out there. btw i'm on the shitter as i'm typing this. there's a fun fact for ya:hello:
  3. Dude, first off, please understand our skepticism when we read about how you went on one date with a girl to a carnival, and you realize that you found out that she was THE one after only a few hours.

    Seriously man, there's a whole WORLD out there waiting for you. I know this is very hard for you to grasp right now while in the middle of the uber-drama in "High School", but the bottom line is if you changed your life once before, you can do it again.

    And don't be so concerned that you have a lot of friends. There are a lot of people that would die to be in your shoes as far as people knowing you and wanting to hang out with you. Just relax, get a small handful of close friends, and chill out. Chances are someone else will come along that you will hook up with. It's not like new students don't come and go in school all the time.

    This is going to sound really cliche, but you really do have your whole life in front of you. Don't let the drama of school fuck that up for you. Enjoy it while you're there. I wish I would have done so.

  4. Thanks, man. Everything you said is completely true now that I think about it. I'd +rep you if I could
  5. my advice is be exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do, dont worry about everyone else, they wont make you happy, only you can make yourself happy

    if youre living a lie i would stop immediately and live how you want to, if you are doing that the right friends and relationships for you will inevitably come with time.
  6. my ex said i was 'nerdy' but i'm somewhat smooth to the point where i can pull a lot of things off. like i'll work nerd, and make nerd look good. just be smooth and confident in your speech and it doesn't matter what you're being labeled, as long as you don't let it effect your facial expression. if you're truly content being a nerd and think there's nothing wrong with it, she won't either. depends how you feel on the subject about yourself, once you've successfully convinced yourself you are the shit it's a lot easier persuading others.
  7. Hey man I've been down that road. All throughout elem. and middle school I was pretty much alone and then HS came and I was known all around the school for being "cool". Graduation came 'round and afterward all those "friends" were gone but I knew it would happen so it wasn't that bad. I graduated early and the LOVE OF MY LIFE was still in HS when I met her. So to the IT guy saying there's a whole world out there...there is...but sometimes the best things for you are right under your nose. Keep your head up bro you sound like you're on a good path. Change is good...always remember that. You realizing you didn't want to be who you turned into could very well be the cnstruction of the true YOU.
  8. You are full of yourself dude.
  9. I am way to high, to understand how you could have gone about doing that.... You must have some social morphiogenic trait man......
  10. I'm sorry to say this but, your life isnt fucked as far as i can tell from that story...

    you had no friends, no girlfriends, no confidence, at all. now you've got tonnes of friends, everyone treats you right and everyone wants to hang out with you. wow, you've been through a tough time..:rolleyes:

    if you dont really like these people, you dont HAVE to be around them. why dont u just spend time with your actual friends?

    i have friends that are really well known, respected, friends that are dont have many other friends, because they dont have any doesnt matter if there in the "in crowd" (pile of bullshit, be what you want), its all about your personality
  11. just find some other girls to focus on. that'll take the pain away.
  12. I should hook you up with this girl I know, her name is Mary Jane..she always delivers and never bitches..she is always rational and you will have a good time..

    On a more serious note be whoever the fuck you, dont try to be everyone else..what a waste of time, once u get some true friends, smoke up, hang out, do stupid shit real relationships, eventually you will find the right girl, but in the meantime dont worry about assuming your still in high school so you have plenty of time bro
  13. I'm more interested in how you went from a loser to the coolest guy in the school.
  14. You should be happy about your life changes, but honestly popularity doesn't bring happiness.

    It's good that you changed your life if that's what you wanted to do, but doing it for someone else is usually a problem, because there's no guarantee when you're done changing that the person you changed for will appreciate or be responsive to the changes. Like you're experiencing.

    Find your own happiness, and embrace that, and remind yourself that what's meant to be will always find a way.

    It sounds like you've been fixated on this girl for a long time, stop doing that and focus on yourself and the perfect person [who may or may not be here] will hopefully fall into your lap.
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    your life is fucked because one girl won't date you? lol. at least everyone thinks you're a badass...
  16. Why are you so concerned with that bullshit? Who cares if you're the COOLEST DUDE IN SCHOOL or a kid who sits in the library and reads? You're letting women into the center of your life, and by the sounds of it.. controlling your life also.

    There is more to living than women man. I learned that my freshman year in high school, the hard way. The sooner you realize that, the better.

    Be happy, and DGAF.
  17. TMI bro TMI .. funny as hell though

  18. lmao that was hilarious
  19. What a hard life you have.
  20. haha he found the love of his life in a few hours spent at a carnival

    underage ban for sure

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