My life in a nutshell . Should have titled it the road to hell

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    This is long and kinda sad its writen like shit but I have no dilantin and im not high so my brain takes little breaks so bare with me please.

    Ok before I start this Im going to let everyone know this is harsh but it is the truth.

    Last year about this time I got back into the herb that I had left for about 2 years. I met up with an ex girlfriend of my wife and I and started toking at the time I was suffring from epilepsy and being way over weight out of shape and a boring person. Well if we fast forward to augest 09. My wife and I moved to Texas with are 3 kids are ex gf and her son. We did great we all did are part and made it work for the first 2 months then It hit 3 way relationships just dont work. Anyhow I left the gf, her son and my wife in Texas and came back to ohio in october just myself and my 3 children. Well when I came back family started questioning why I left and so on and they thought and maybe ritefully so that it was the pot.

    So my family and friends contaced childrens services who took my kids. Seeing as that they took my kids and I was hurt I went back to Texas. This time lasting about 20 days I figured out quick that i missed my life, wife, kids. So set out on a 5 day 240 mile adventure that nearly killed me. I walked and hitchhiked from Mineral wells tx to Just past greenville texas all to colapse 5 miles from my ex wife. Anyhow they rushed me to the hospital and 7 days later I was being flown back to ohio. Now most people would do the normal thing and chill... not me I decided I wasnt ever getting my kids back and kept smoking. Well things just got worse and worse.

    Now Im sitting in an empty appartment because of the things I did. I honestly dont want to quit smoking at this point but its supposedly the last barrier in getting my kids back. But if we look at this rationally how the hell am I going to take care of 3 kids 2 of them under 5 and girls by myself. I love my weed and I suffer from epilepsy and it makes it to where I dont need to be affraid to live. But they dont care they look at it as i just want to get High and subconcisatly I think they are right in a way. I am 26 and have smoked on off for 12 years and never till now has it hurt to quit smoking. But I havent toked in 20 hours now so I excpect the seziures and the shity feeling to get worse in the next 48 hours so Im just killing time and reflecting...
  2. Damn brah, you'd think that folks that are down with the 3-way relationship would be a little bit more lax about other things in life.

    You have some real thinking to do. Either way it's a quality of life issue it sounds as the mj helps with your seizures, but then it also keeps you away from your kids. Just my feelings, but I've always felt that blood is thicker than water.
  3. Yeah its a quality of life issue for me. Life sucks with or with out for me though so I guess not smoking is the way to go. Oh and yeah they were both cool with it till I left stupid bitches. No I have these anal retentive dipshits from the state telling me every little thing I can do. For instance I was forced to stop talking to a woman I was seeing because she is a dancer now wtf last time I checked this was America and I could do what the f**k I wanted. I guess you can if your not under there supervision though :(
  4. Damn, is this Ohio or Texas bureaucrats giving you this shine job? Fathers don't have any rights in those states? Lame.
  5. Im in Ohio now so I can be with the kids but when they take them for good its looking like Cali or Colorado for me
  6. shut the fuck up man, u choose weed or your kids, we all know the right choice here. get in shape, do some responible shit, get ur kids back.

  7. you dont have seizures, so YOU shut the fuck up. of course dude wants his kids back, he also wants to live his OWN life too. if you are scared of having a seizure all the time you arent going to be doing too much living like you and i.

    this is regardless of any kids in your life, having seizures on the reg will affect your kids as well. if you have a seizure in the middle of cooking dinner your house could burn down if your kids are too young to call 911.

    thats a whole nother nightmare. so in short, shut the fuck up.
  8. Yup, it's a double-edge sword. No real easy way to play it.
  9. sure smoking is what you like do and it helps u relax but if you can't have your kids cuz u smoke weed ur telling me that u should keep doing it? seizures are bad i didnt real know what epilepsy was til i just looked it up but weed is the problem more than the seizures it seems
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    Its not a matter of choosing weed over my kids please understand that. Its a matter of me being able to deal with the seizures. If I seize when I have my kids lets say at the mall and Im by myself guess what they take my kids and I get them back what 2-7 days later when I get out the hospital. Try not knowing when or where your gunna loose all control over your body then tell me Its a choice of my kids or weed.

    But just so we are clear I have quit and I am trying to get them back. I just wish there was relief as I wait but foe now there is just pain and fear. Im sure some of this fear will ease Im sure its just not being able to do what calms me down that has me so on edge.
  11. sounded more like it was a weed problem when u described it, and idk how often that stuff happens and what not. It'd be scary no doubt.
  12. I'd just stop for a little bit, just enough so you can prove you can get your kids back in fine shape, then move to cali or something. their much more tolerant about medical usage of marijuana. btw fuck texas those people are straight dicks. well the government over there. its just wack man :/ but forreal, get ur kids back

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