My life from a popular guy to a random one

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pyouneq, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Lol. 3 girlfriends at once? That’s not “cool”. That’s called being a cheater. Nobody is going to want a guy that does that.
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  2. Lol I can’t stop laughing him n Jeff would be givin each other hand jobs with the lights on.
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  3. Is it just me or does he sound like a trump speech
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  4. This is one of the most stupid threads I have ever seen.
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  5. Agreed.
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  6. I find it fuckin hilarious when some asshat tries deleting all of his asshole clinching cringy posts but blades quote it for all the world to see. Justice boner !!!
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  7. That was my thoughts exactly lol. It's entertainment like this you can't make up
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  8. Lol @ OP doing an edit on every post to try & hide the fact he acts like a bellend.... Editing won't do anything bruh I quoted what you put lmaoo
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  9. :lmafoe::lmafoe:
  10. He went from being a popular wanker to a random one
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  11. Billy
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  12. yeah sounds like you got some things you gotta work on from with in. You shouldn't have to want to be popular, and to get all that stuff back to feel good again man. Real happiness comes from with in. Some of my most humble and happy times were when I didn't have nothing.

    "And I thought hurricane season was over"
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  13. a lot of popular people peek in high school. they find out about reality when they leave that bubble and eventually end up becoming loosers

    kinda like al "I threw four touchdown passes in a game" bundy

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