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  1. whats up blades! Its been a looooooonngggg while since Ive been on the forums. I really grew alot with this forum, its mindblowing how much I matured through some of you guys' posts, Haha mad general, but ita true, Once you get on grasscity then get off for two years come back to it and youll understand. This is more than a pot forum,this is one of the most accepting forums on the internet, I dig it so much. Much love and respect.
    Anyways, a few years later my life is in the beginning stages and I wanna make the best of it. I have some issues that Ive had for a long time. Most prominent is my lack of doing stuff. I want to live my life to the fullest, but my support system at home relies heavily on television and lethargic ignorance to the outside world. So I wanna ask you blades, am I alone in being the average 9 to 5 loner that never has anything to do except waste time and wait for tomorrow? What are some tips for getting in to a cycle of it. I love to longboard,Im a very energetic guy, but Im just too anxious or not used to or even annoyed by parties and night clubs. What are some alternatives? Delight me blades, Ill be forever thankful!

  2. I know those feels man.

    Im the same way. Right now I feel like I just work every day and waste time until im tired and fall asleep. Then I party and ride my dirtbike on the weekend. Im on probation too. So no weed, just drinkin on the weekends.

    I live in the mountains and its turning into winter, so I cant really run like I used to, its too damn cold.

    Id say work out, or run. Find a hobby. I ride dirt bike all summer and then switch to snownobile in the winter. Those are my two main passions, but I cant help but think there is something more in store for me.

    Go to college if you have time. I have pretty bad social anxiety, but iv been delightfully surprised at how easy it is to actually meet people.

    Were all just human man, trying in all of our own different ways to figure this shit out. So don't make a big deal out of getting out of your comfort zone.

    Above all, do what you gotta do, and life will find a way to bring you to where you need to be.

    Life is full of unexpected surprises, some good and some bad. Roll with the bad, and learn from it. Take the good by the balls and run with that shit like nobodys business.

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  3. What's your goal in life? When you have a real goal, with a real milestones to drive yourself toward, everything else tends to fall into place. Otherwise you're just floundering in the surf, getting washed along the shore by all the real power players.
  4. Just enjoy life I will tell you this. ;)
  5. Git high!!!

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