my life as a toker so far

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    please, ( im using my phone so if errors occur, try to read past them,) anyways, i started working at mcdonalds a month back, and started chilling with a kick ass kid, went over to his house one night, met a friend of his, had a couple beers and rolled him a joint, he's not a rookie, it wasnt grinded well, and i used half a gram, he told me he got absolutely baked, so earleir this evening he phones my up and asks me to chill with him, and asks me to be his roller, now he said my joints were pretty decent, and ive only rolled 3 joints in my entire life and that came as a good motivation to me. i noticed that ever since i rolled a joint i was naturally good at it, so im happy. also i only use full weed because i dont smoke tobacco and never will, it was a pretty chill day feed backs always nice
  2. sounds like a sausage fest :)
  3. You ever get coned?
  4. Wow... I read that high and I don't even know what to think.
  5. Better question.
    you ever had your shit pushed in?
  6. sounds like you need to roll up his little dick in a joint so you can puff on it.
  7. fuck sakes....
  8. Lol what was the point of this thread the replies are hilarious
  9. story of your weed smoking life!
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    That's what you get for not proofreading your post :) I can't tell you how many times I go to post something and after I proof read it I realize how pointless of a post I was about to just almost maybe make :)

  11. i dont think it was pointless, its just the way i had worded it, it was only meant to inform people of how i was doing as a toker

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